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About Us

PikBuk was created in 2016 with a vision to treasure every moment of life in the form of beautiful Photo Books, Piktiles, Pikprints, Canvas so on. We are comitted to provide a hassle free and convenient platform by which you can get your photos printed at any time anywhere through our Mobile Apps and Website. We want your memories to stay around with you forever.
After advent of camera mobile phone, which made it super easy to capture every moment of life. But in general those adorable moments always remain in our mobiles or computers. One thing we forget that these devices are vulnerable, any virus or malfunction could easily delete all your data including your photos. Here comes PikBuk as a saviour of your cherished moments. We innovatively created a platform by which you can get your photos printed through our mobile Apps and website. By PikBuk you can not only treasure your photos as well as embellish your home and office interiors with your adorable memories.
Quality is our Policy: We truly believe that we are not a company, we are a platform to provide you high quality product and service. We acquire all the high tech machines and technologies to give you the best experience. We believe that if our customer feels happy to see the product, that’s a real achievement for us. We are passionate to provide the best quality products to our customers.
Best Customer Service: For any query, any concern, our customer service representatives are always there for you. Our customer service is a team of warm hearted people who empathize customer’s concern and resolve it as soon as possible.
Super-Fast Delivery: We believe that after placing an order, customer excitedly waits for the product, hence we don’t want our customer to wait for their adorable photos for long time. Thus we endeavour to provide a super-fast delivery service. We deliver all across India i.e. Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

If you are a new customer reading this, we urge you to sign up and we ensure you that you will get the high quality product and service experience with PikBuk.