10 Poses To Stylize Your Photographs

10 Poses To Stylize Your Photographs


1. Sideways- slightly rotate the body to one side

But it must be done subtly, somewhat. And is that this small gesture optically sharpens the figure. Posing like this helps to stylize the curves and avoids excessively accentuating the hips”.

2. A little apart- Separate your legs a little

It does not have to be an exaggerated distance; only a few centimeters to help us maintain the point of balance, to have our body settle more stable and improve the appearance of our abdomen. Separating the legs a bit gives us more confidence and greater security. “Many women keep them close together, but that is an incorrect position because the anchoring of the body is worse.

3. One step forward-Advance one leg

This way you will be able to lengthen and stylize them. Try to make your feet face ahead and bend your knees slightly. This gesture will refine your figure optically. Is that why the celebs always do it on the red carpet?

4. In the waist- Place one hand on your hip or waist

It is one of the best-kept secrets of models and celebrities to frame the silhouette and to solve in a stroke the eternal doubt: And what do I do with my hands? It is also interesting to take into account the maxim of the photographers: Pose half sideways pulling the shoulders a little backward.

5. Stretched shoulders- Bring your shoulders back

Whenever you are standing or standing, keep this maxim in mind. And having the shoulders stretched so that both are in a straight line with the hips significantly improves the appearance of our abdomen. It is also essential not to exaggerate the lumbar, dorsal or cervical curve; the ideal posture is the one that maintains the physiological curves of the spine.

6. Do not cross them- Legs in parallel (without crossing)

If you are sitting, put your legs in parallel and let them come to one side. It is the ideal posture. Forget crossing your legs because, according to the expert, “we usually cross one leg more than another, since none of us are symmetrical bilaterally and we have bodily inertias, which depresses the hips, exerts more stress on the pyramids, affects the sacrum, and lumbar and back pain may occur.

7. Ahead (and crossed) – One leg passed in front of the other

But do it lightly and naturally, relaxing the front leg, without tensing the muscles. This position helps to stylize the figure a lot, the best thing, in this case, is to try to point the foot remaining in front of the camera and let the weight rest on the back foot.

8. Behind- Pose on your back

It is one of the favorite postures in the red carpet, and it can be a good idea when taking a picture. Try doing it by pulling a little back of the shoulders. It’s also very flattering to separate our arms a little, to force them to keep them a bit tight and make their shape feel good.

9. With handbag- hold a handbag

This way you will naturally place your hands and, even, you can disguise some part of your body that you prefer not to accentuate in excess. “You can hold the wallet with both hands to avoid rigidity, especially when you stand.

10. Down- Approach the chin toward the chest

Looking slightly towards the ground will prevent your neck from looking wider. If you prefer something more natural, do not look down; just try to keep your chin parallel to the ground.

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