5 Golden Rules – How Canvas Images Work Best In Space?

Moving means a lot of work for everyone involved. If an apartment is found, it often takes months to move in. This phase can be used meaningfully. Now is the time to make a layout plan for the new four walls. This makes the subsequent move much more accessible. After all, who knows which pieces of furniture can be stored in which room and in what position?

And another advantage is noticeable. Once the final location of wardrobes, sofa, TV and other furniture has been clarified, then the right tapestry – be it the paint, the wallpaper or the pictures – can be selected and purchased directly. Canvas images look particularly noble. The five golden rules, how canvas picture prints in a room work best:

Rule 1: Begin at the heart of the apartment with the wall decoration

The good idea is to start planning in the living room. Here is the place where the residents retire comfortably, cuddle up in a blanket and relax. This room should be furnished with great care and be thoughtfully colored.

“After moving: Living room setup – How to succeed!”. Once the living room has been perfected with furniture, pictures, and other decorative elements, it will be much easier to embellish other rooms with photo collage canvas later as well.

Rule 2: Select a canvas image in a small (living) room in a small format

Small apartments have little wall surface. If these are also delivered with furniture, the possibilities to hang best canvas prints are reduced.

Tip: Motifs in harmonizing shades that fit the interior and are not too large in size are the first choice.

Rule 3: Choose a large-format canvas picture in a large (living) room

Setting up large rooms requires special skill, and it is advisable to get suggestions from the professional. If the living room goes into the dining area or the kitchen-living room, the number of walls is reduced. The available space in large rooms should be decorated with care. Large format pictures influence the mood in large rooms. You can create width if the subject offers a perspective.

Tip: Photo collage on wood with nature motifs harmonize with almost every style of furnishing.

Rule 4: Series of images for long walls in hallways

Long corridors, walk-through rooms, and staircases can become secret stars with the right choice of matching canvas prints. How about embellishing the stairs, for example, with a pretty digital photo frame online India? The corridors are also suitable for presenting picture series. A series starts from a quantity of 3 pictures.

Tip: If you photograph a flower bud in its closed state, then in the half-opened and then in full bloom, the agile vegetation phase is deliberately fixed.

Rule 5: St. Petersburg hanging makes for a fun and looks classy

The St. Petersburg hanging, also called a salon hanger, refers to a collection of pictures that are arranged in large numbers and different sizes. The goal is to combine many different images on a wall. It is essential that you first think carefully, which model should hang at which point.

Another concept is to choose a unique topic. For example, many different pictures with different motifs from architecture or nature could be presented in the St. Petersburg hanging.

Tip: The more concrete the topic, the more significant the effect. A wall on which hang two dozen pictures of people, animals, cars or flowers looks noble.

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