5 Rules on How to Take Pictures on a Trip So That You Can Use It in a Photo Book

Collecting a photo book from a trip today is available to everyone. It is enough to choose a suitable photo service and master the editor program. But to make interesting shots, you need to be observant, curious, patient, and inventive! We will orient you in detail and forward!

Rule 1. Attention to detail!

In any trip, in any country, you can find your own highlight. We already wrote about how important the details are for an interesting photo story, but we will repeat again! To take atmospheric photos of the place, be sure to pay attention to such details as a cup of morning coffee, beautiful windows, casual passers-by, bicycles, fishing nets, advertising signs against a beautiful sky. These subtleties will bring a special mood to the frames for your personalized photo book.

Rule 2. Add Humor                         

Down with seriousness! The more frames you collect with humour, the more interesting it will be to browse your book. You can draw inspiration by finding frames that make you smile or create intrigue. Create a separate “folder for inspiration” in Pinterest or on your smartphone, so the ideas of frames will always be at hand. And as soon as you find a suitable location, you can bring them to life.

Rule 3. Stick to Symmetry

The human brain is designed in such a way that it perceives symmetrical images as more beautiful and harmonious. Take this rule as a basis when building frame composition.

Rule 4: Catch the National Color

Great if the locals invite you to visit. Communicating with them, the atmosphere around will give you a better idea of ​​the life and traditions of the country. Make some interesting portraits in the interior, take off the elements of the house. If it doesn’t go out with the guests, it doesn’t matter, take a walk to the local markets, where you can get no less interesting and, certainly, colourful photographs.

Rule 5: Show Latitude in Frame                 

If you want to show the scope, use a wide-angle. It will give a good depth of field ideal for landscapes. However, this is not limited to: you can use all the focal lengths of your lens available to you. To focus on the composition of the frame when shooting in the morning or evening hours, and not think about the lack of lighting, take a light tripod with you. It will allow you to avoid “movement”, that is, movement when shooting.

Rule 6. Local animals- an occasion to take a photo!

Animals are very attractive subjects for shooting. Not only rare species of smaller brothers can be interesting, but also local inhabitants- cats, dogs, birds.

Rule 7. You are also the hero of a photo book!

Take pictures in the first person, adding to the forefront your hands or other parts of the body in the frame. This will give a volumetric plan to the frame, and you will have an interesting experience in photographing and impressions when viewing a Custom Photo Book.

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