7 photos to take absolutely on vacation

Your holiday photos are a way to tell your holiday or to go back to it in the blink of an eye. Here are some tips to not miss anything, without crumbling under a thousand photos.

Let’s assume that the portraits, landscapes, and activities (visit, walk, etc.) are the photos that you already take naturally. In addition to that, think about taking a picture.

  1. The shock team

Do you spend your holidays with your family or friends? Doing a group photo does not always come naturally, but take the time to do it! Otherwise, she will be missed for sure.


Take at least one group photo! Find a good time with a nice diffuse light (like here in the shade of trees). Be relaxed, try that it does not last too long, and do not hesitate to ask a passer-by for help.

  1. The panels

If you take a long trip or a road trip, this will be particularly useful: every time you arrive in a new city, a park, a museum, photograph the entrance panel of the city, or the location on your map/GPS.


These photos will help you remember the names of the places visited. Save valuable time when making your photo album! In some cases, it may even save you from having to write texts in your photo album.

  1. The hollow moments

Are you waiting for the plane? Do children take a nap in the car? These small, hollow moments of rest, are fully part of the trip! Enjoy the moments to awaken your creativity in a photo!


It’s time to explore all the possibilities of your device (or your smartphone) and awaken your creativity.

  1. The “bad” moments

You are lost? The motorhome is down? Admit it: these moments of “panic” often make the best holiday memories! This is one of the things you’ll be happy to tell your friends back home. Holiday pictures: A small disaster? Take a picture; you will love to remember this moment.


Breathe, relax, and take a nice picture to play down. Gas Break on Vacation: The kind of memories we love to tell after by watching the personalized picture album!

  1. The earth & the sky

The ground under your feet, the sky above your head, it’s all the space of your vacation summarized in two pictures! Holiday pictures: photograph the sky and the ground to give the feeling of space.


Watch your feet, lie in the grass or on the sand. For the sky, adding framing elements can help to immerse yourself in the mood of your vacation.

Think about photographing the sky: a timeless photo that you will cherish!

In addition, if you have beautiful pictures of this type, you can make a beautiful, timeless decoration. What to relax in the blink of an eye! For a timeless and super relaxing wall decoration, photograph the sky!

  1. The meals

This is one of the things we savour the most on holidays: the good meals! Picnic on the go or a great restaurant, you will be happy to have a little memory of these moments of pleasure in a custom photo book. On vacation, take pictures of meals- and bring back the recipes!


What if you add the recipe to your photo?

  1. The night scenes

Most devices and even smartphones can make photos in “night mode”. Do not neglect this aspect, the night scenes are usually very photogenic!

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