8 Photography Tips For Photo Books

A photo book stands and falls with the pictures shown in it. Only: How does one manage to make good pictures for the book?

Custom photo books start with taking pictures, which will be shown later. Photos that are suitable for photo books do not generally differ from pictures for other purposes: they too must be sharp, rich in contrast and well-structured in composition. Also, however, there are two special features for photo books to pay attention to: On the one hand, the selection of motifs and on the other the image structure.

Tip 1: Have your camera always at hand

As trivial as that sounds, the most important tip for good pictures is having the camera at hand. Is your daughter looking especially beautiful or the son just funny amused? By the time you take the camera out of the closet, the moment is long gone. Make the camera a regular companion. A camera strap for hanging across the body and a thin neoprene sleeve instead of a full bag can be a great help here.

Tip 2: Make sure you have enough light for optimum sharpness

You should be sharp so that images in the photo books online look optimal.

 Tip 3: Affect the situation in your favor

Try to influence the situation to be photographed in your support. If you want to photograph your children, for example, place their toys near the light source or the window, and you will have more light available. Often it helps to change your location to get better photos.

Tip 4: Pay attention to the background

Often the background distracts clearly from the primary motive.

One can prevent this from making sure to get the most uniform background possible. Good is also when it disappears in the blur. This succeeds if the actual motif is placed a bit away from the background and not directly in front of it.

Tip 5: Practice

Look at the photo in the viewfinder or on the back display: Is it a good picture? Try a different minute once different zoom setting. Does not that look better often? Or what about coming up close? Practice taking photos on a typical day or weekend, not just on occasions like a birthday. Then you will find out over time which settings are suitable for which motives.

Tip 6: Include details correctly for the photo book

As a rule, one is used to taking effective single pictures. But a photo book should often tell a story in the figurative sense. For this, it is necessary to include also pictures of specific aspects of this story.

Tip 7: Capture backgrounds for the photo book

In addition to illustrative details, you should also photograph those that could later be used as background pages – this is, e.g., the fabric of the wedding dress or the bridal bouquet at a wedding. During a trip, a landscape detail or a section of a building can be considered.

 Tip 8: Record several variants for the photo book

As you often do not know how to capture a picture later in the book, it is recommended to take more photos of a subject for personalized photo books. Do not forget to add one in another format and with more space for cropping. In the age of digital photography, that’s no longer a problem.

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