9 Tips to Create A Memorable Photo Book of Your Children’s Birthday

When you’re a child, every birthday is a magic pretext to gather your friends and party together. Keep track of these fun moments with a birthday photo book. This unique album, specially created for children’s birthdays, includes great clipart, designs, and backgrounds to inspire you in making your Personalized Photo Book. We also have a series of ideas and tips to guide you through the first stages of creation.

Our new fun designs will make you smile, no matter what your age, the day you come back on that special day.

  1. The cover

Compile your favourite photos of this big day and choose a mask of the creation tool to arrange them in an original way in a personalized picture album.

  1. Add a background

We particularly like this background with a balloon- fun and whimsical; this is the ideal theme for an album of a children’s party.

  1. In the clouds

This background with clouds remains a classic- the photos almost seem to float.

  1. Have fun with the clipart

We’ve put a whole bunch of new clipart into the creative tool, including these cool dinosaurs. Placed next to the picture of a child who makes a face, they will not fail to make those who discover them smile.

  1. Become a hero

The clipart with superheroes could not be better chosen for your birthday albums. We have the impression of a cartoon whose child is the hero.

  1. Contrast with white and black

Go for a double-page with shades of black and white so as to create a break with the other pages of the book. These emoji-style smileys add a fun touch to your compositions.

  1. Show yourself creatively with frames

This frame seems to come straight from space. We particularly like the round format of photos to vary with the classics square and rectangular.

  1. Do not forget the guests

It is interesting to include in your Personalized Photo Book some pictures of the guests, to punctuate those that honor the hero of the day. We love this page, which shows the complicity and the link uniting brothers and sisters. They will probably be embarrassed by discovering it in a few years!

  1. Take creative photos

Before the birthday party begins, think of some compositions that you would like to see in your photo book. The balloon throw and this visual with confetti come we cannot better complete a page like this one.

Whether you are planning a birthday party for your children or have just recently organized a birthday party, it is hoped that these tips will come in handy for creating your own photo book.

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