A Photo Book With The Party Highlights Of The Year

Photo books online are a popular way to review the past year. Give your square photo prints a unique twist and collect in it the party highlights of the year. There were undoubtedly many occasions to celebrate with friends and family; whether birthday, exciting festivals or the spontaneous summer party – beautiful photos are guaranteed. With our creative tips, your party yearbook is a great memento or the right accessory for the upcoming New Year’s Eve party with friends and family.

Scene selection: use different mood pictures

Catch a special feeling in the colorful mix of different motives. A kind of mosaic of funny snapshots with portraits of the guests, photos of the party decoration, the location or the food and drinks, summarize the party atmosphere at a glance. At home parties, in particular, images of preparation and chaos after the party are part of the overall impression.

Equal-sized, square images in a symmetrical arrangement on a white or monochrome background are best suited for a beautiful photo mosaic.

Guessing Game: Which party was that?

With the dearest people, one experiences many fantastic moments because it is sometimes difficult to remember all the details. Organize a little party game out of it: “Which party was that?” Place a snapshot of a past party on a photo book page. With a beautiful permanent marker or paint pen, the friends can then socialize who remembers the best part of the party. Of course, you can also prepare several pages in personalized photo albums.

Funny book design with clipart and confetti

When designing online photo book printing India, decorate your group photos with funny clip art or place speech bubbles directly on the picture. Thus, you can put on your guests in retrospect funny party hats or bring balloons and garlands in the scene. Use text boxes to add the names of your party guests to the group picture.

You can also introduce party elements into the party book in the same way. When designing the photo book, leave a little space next to the photos to glue in any leftover confetti of the party later on. Festival ribbons, entrance tickets or menu cards can also be pasted into the book to loosen up the design. If you prefer the elegant, uniform look, you’d instead scan the memorabilia and paste them directly into the right place as photos.

Create new memories

To welcome the New Year and new parties, you can already prepare the last pages of the Party Yearbook for new, upcoming snapshots. If you create photo books with friends for the coming New Year’s Eve, you can design the pages according to the party theme and already label them with the theme and the date. Leave room for handwritten New Year wishes or the funniest New Year’s resolutions. At the party night, add a nice paint pen to the album. If your book is a gift for friends or your partner, the last page is an excellent opportunity to immediately insert the invitation to the next party.

Design your annual review with the vivid impressions of the past year and remember together the wild and beautiful moments.

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