Best Tips to Improve Your Abstract Photography

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The best way to start your photography ambition would be by trying your hands at abstract photography. The prime reason to choose abstract photography over other popular photography niches like product, outdoor, and wedding photography, abstract photography gives you the freedom to take a photo of anything that grabs your attention. As a result you have the freedom of not following the conventional rules of photography. Formally speaking, abstract photography stems from the idea of expressing ideas and emotions with photographed image elements without the intention of creating a traditional or realistic image. It is an art that goes beyond the usual representations of an object, scene, to reveal details that are normally ignored and triggers the viewer’s imagination. So we discuss the best tips of improve your abstract photography.

  1. Move the subject- The magic of abstract photography is captured the best on the objects that are on the go. Imagine capturing the shades of a moving train at 60 kph! The shape of the object may not be as good in the final shot for your Instagram prints but it is the deluge of colors that makes most of the impact.
  2. Use a lens to zoom- A zoom lens is the best companion in this genre of photography as it allows us to ground ourselves in the scene, not the colors or emotions. Wide angle shots even with the blur can be used to make the best canvas prints. The more you zoom, the more of the exact details you get.
  3. Multiple exposure- Using in-camera multiple exposure techniques can sometimes leave too much of the original, recognizable subject, for some photographers’ tastes. Therefore you should take one shot, mostly in focus. Then try clicking pictures that are out of focus in varying degrees.
  4. Make it colorful- Abstract photography is eccentric but not dull at all. A zing of vibrant color will awaken the beauty of your shot. Remember abstract photography gives you complete control.  One of the biggest obligations that you would face as a photographer is not having loads of license to tweak the coloring of the shot because it will make those subjects look unnatural.  The boundaries of abstract photography are differently set. Hence use the advantage of playing with color levels, hues, tones, saturation etc.
  5. Customize lighting- Changing the direction and adjusting the power of your light source can provide different effects that yield unique images. If the photographs for your square prints have focused lighting then it can emphasize and make it the focal point of your photo. A strong light source, when place on one side can create shadows that will accentuate textures. You can also try backlighting and silhouetting, which partly involves placing the light source behind the subject.

These are just some of the many ways with which you can manipulate the lighting to create shadows or highlights that add depth, mystery, and interest to your images for custom photo books.

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