Capture the Best Photos on Holi with these Useful Tips

Holi, the most vibrant, free spirited festival of India, is also known as the festival of colors. It is this exciting vibes and the sheer spectacle of hues which makes Holi a huge draw for young and old alike. Even the visiting foreign tourists cannot resist from participating in the truly in integrating festival. No wonder, it is the right time to capture photographs for an album photo and make it a thing enchanting memory forever. But, like all other festivals, Holi too comes with its unprinted manuals as far as clicking photographs is concerned. Let’s have a look at them.

Stay with the Crowd

If you are a phobic to colors, and still want to take a picture or two then there is no way you can capture the very essence and ethos of Holi. You must be enthusiastic enough to kindle the spirit of the festivity in the crowd and find emotions flooding from everywhere. Few photos can leave others awestruck that people’s smiles, wonder struck faces etc.

Get Close up Shots

Close up shots for your photo tiles are sure to produce extravagant photos. Do not forget that the colors like vibrant pink, yellow, green and much more are staple to this festival and that exhibits the happiness at its best. And this always adds to the detailing which pretty much defines the personalized canvas prints.

Make the Best use of Shade

With the change in season, the sun shines bright and it also adds to the sultriness of the climate as well as photography woes. Hence, to counter the rather intimidating sun which prevents getting good photos, take refuge under the shade of trees and lintel as it reduces the probability of less highlights and shadows falling on the subject.

The Group Shots

These photos are sure to run riot. With people dancing and splashing colors on each other, the fun factor gets high meaning you can capture some of the best moments that define Holi. The group shots are one of the most sought after photos for Holi simply because of the engagement of the crowd, The wildness and of course all the luminous smiles!

Photograph Gulal in different Ways

Gulal, a powdered color that people smear on each other generously can be one the most conspicuous subjects to make photo into canvas print. A simple photo of gulal in different hues can add to the effect and image gallery of your Holi festivals. It is time you pulled out your camera and start with clicking a few images of gulal sprinkling in the air to mark the festival of Holi!

Get Aerial Shots

They are always a great addition in your photo books let alone Holi. And you can take all the aerial shots even from your balcony and rooftop. Make your Holi photos one-of-a-kind.

Stick onto the Comfortable mode to Shoot

Play safe and do not toy away with the idea of meddling with manual settings in your camera if you are not a pro at it. Better still, click a few photos as test shots so you can start photographing the event in all your preparedness. Make sure you are all set with regard to aperture, metering, focal point.

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