Collect Summer in a Photo Book

Summer is in full swing! Every summer day has that very airy, light, subtle, and valuable for each of us. Collecting all the moments into a single story that you want to revisit again and again is a real art accessible to everyone. Look at the summer with your eyes wide open, keep sunny days inside yourself and in photographs. Weave snatched in photo stories and print Personalized Photo Books. So the events will remain in a safe place, look there at any time. Collect your summer in a photo book. And we will tell you 10 cool ideas for atmospheric and non-banal photos.


  1. Soap bubbles and family history. With these simple props, each member of the family will be busy with business, which means the frame will turn out natural and easy. Play with your children – blow and catch soap bubbles and do not forget to make frames! By the way, the most saturated in color bubbles are obtained in humid weather after the rain.
  2. Wildflowers at sunset. Combine picking a field bouquet with a mini photoshoot. Do not pick flowers at noon- it is best to collect a bouquet at sunset or at dawn. So the atmosphere of the pictures will be more mysterious and unique mysterious.
  3. A romantic photo by the water. Any reservoir in the summer – whether it be a lake, river or pond – is perhaps the most photogenic place. Calm water will bring a mood of tenderness and thoughtfulness to your shots. Enrich your images with reflection. Think over the details of your image and go – pose!
  4. Games on the beach combined with a photoshoot. Such photos will be the hottest in your summer personalized photo album online. Such a view can be obtained not only at sea; the whole point is the shooting point. Shoot in the evening sunshine, highlighting the background. Lift the camera a little higher, so that all the figures of the children are in the background of the sea or the reservoir, and the horizon is higher than their heads.
  5. Finding and photographing a butterfly can be a whole exciting quest for your entire family. Just don’t take the net! Enough camera/ smartphone and “military” skill. Choose a place with a lot of butterflies, find a beautiful flower, and don’t move! A little patience and soon the sultry beauties will fly practically to your hands.
  6. Admire the aromas of wildflowers, leave them in your memory forever- the best idea for a summer photo book.
  7. Take a picture in the village. In an old grandmother’s house, filled with the smells of warmth and comfort, familiar things from your childhood and the subtle fragrances of the garden outside the window. Such photos will warm you in winter evenings.
  8. Look at the world of plants from a different angle. Nature is the best creator, declare a hunt for harmonious plants, and you will be surprised how many miracles are hidden in the most ordinary, at first glance, shrubs, trees, leaves. Use dew, sunbeams, and all that will add to your shots a sense of wildlife.
  9. Find the charm of a summer night. In July, the hottest nights are time to create, armed with a good flash. You can shoot in the light of lamps; it is important that the most important details of the picture were in the light.

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