Corporate Photobooks- How To Please Your Colleagues At Any Celebration?

We love to create something new! Each unusual photo book that we create becomes for us a most interesting experience. After all, it is always exciting to try a new format, search, and find the most successful option. And of course, this experience allows, over time, to have sufficient confidence not only in the production of a photo book but also in practical advice that we give to our customers.

Today we will discuss about such a direction of our activity as corporate gifts. What to give to your colleagues? How to choose the most successful registration! How to make a gift really memorable? Let’s try to answer these questions!

A photo book is a great corporate gift.

It’s great when you work in a friendly team! In a good atmosphere, things are going easy, and any event is perceived with great enthusiasm! And on any of the holidays in gratitude to the colleagues those want to make a nice gift.

A corporate photo book is a collection of the most memorable and fun pictures of working life. Such a book is issued in hardcover or softcover and can be both with an individual design for each of the colleagues, and with general content.

Corporate photo book as a gift for any company.

There are several categories of custom photo books:

  1. Official holiday edition.

These are photo books of fairly large circulation- 10-20 or 80-100 pieces, it all depends on the numberof your employees. Photobook includes photos from celebrations, rewarding colleagues, historical photos of the organization. Also, in the photobook, you can add text about the company and employees. This format is ideal for the anniversary of the company or the date of achievement of important results.

  1. Informal holiday edition.

They gather photos from corporate parties and other fun events of the company. You can add local funny notes that are used by colleagues. Maximum of creativity! A photo book is perfect as a gift for March 8 or February 23, for the department’s birthday or for a professional holiday – for example, a lawyer’s day!

  1. Individual holiday edition.

This is a photo book for a specific colleague. You can give it for an anniversary, as a gift when you raise it or when you retire. The most memorable moments in the workplace, bright episodes in working life- all these pictures can be added to the photobook. Separately, you can add pages for colleagues who leave their wishes and congratulations. Such a photo book touches the most serious employee!

Of course, this is only a formal division into types of photo books- you yourself can choose the format and mood of the book that is convenient for you!

How to make the best photo book?

The best corporate photo books online is the one that got the spirit of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to responsibly treat the selection of photos.

Modern organizations are constantly engaged in “team building” in order to maintain the enthusiasm of employees and the charge of good mood in the team. Corporate events are hired by professional photographers, and their pictures will be able to decorate a gift photo book. However, it is not necessary to ignore the most simple, but such sincere photos from the phones directly in the working process! These images are worth their weight in gold!

And of course, if the company works long enough, and it has preserved old printed photos, it is good to also scan them and add them to the photobook. You also need to carefully approach the caption of photos and add text. The photobook format allows you to place on the pages of brief descriptions and even stories about the company.

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