Create An Exceptional Wall Decoration Thanks To Our Tips

Learn how to highlight your photos with simple tips that will help you create an exceptional wall decoration. With these simple tips on creating wall decorations, your photos will not go unnoticed! Start by choosing if you prefer to create your wall decor on our online creation tool or on our mobile app. Aluminum canvas, plexiglass or forex picture board: if you do not know which wall decoration is best suited to your needs, read below to find the one that best matches the atmosphere of your home.

Collect several photos to create one and the same wall decoration. With the online authoring tool, you can use up to 15 photos to create wall decor to your image; the app allows the use of up to 9 photos. In any case, there are many opportunities to put your memories in value! You can even use the low-resolution photos on your smartphone to create a series of small wall decorations, ideal for brightening small spaces.

When the wall decoration tells a story

After a wedding or when you come back from vacation, it is not uncommon to end up with countless pictures taken in a short time. And we know how hard it can be to choose only one. The solution is to create a wooden collage photo frame India whose layout will allow you to tell the story you want to share: you can select a series of photos to give your memories the attention they deserve.

If your photos are saved in order in your device, you can choose a series to display with ease. We have made a comprehensive guide to help you organize your photos to make it even easier for you.

Colour at the service of creativity

By creating a wall decoration, you express a part of yourself and your tastes. So why not opt ​​for a color palette that will work well with your home? Bright colors and eye-catching backgrounds are particularly suitable for bright and cheerful living rooms; for their part, the series of black and white photos are in perfect harmony with a rather contemporary decoration.

Add a few words or a quote

Add words or quotes to your photos using one of our favorite photo editing apps before uploading it to the authoring tool. Or create your wall decor in the app and add text directly to your photo with a recent update. Why not add inspiring life tips to a holiday photo.

Create beautiful artistic effects

If you’ve photographed a building or a landscape, why not zoom in on a particular element to get a unique rendering? Capture the detail of the roofs of your neighborhood, the amazing textures of nature, the veins of a tree leaf, or the reasons for its bark.

If you like these practical tips, then start creating your square photo prints right now. With all these suggestions at your disposal, you can create beautiful wall decorations without problems for your home.

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