Decorate With Photographs: Transform Your Memories Into Works Of Art

Your favorite photographs can be transformed into real furnishing accessories. In our short guide we will help you understand how to arrange them and in which environments to place them to get a surprising final result.

Have you ever thought about furnishing your home (or your office) with photographs?

To give a personal and creative touch, our advice is to transform the home environment into a small gallery where you can exhibit your favorite photographs.

The wedding day, the birth of a child, the travels and the most special moments of your life can thus become beautiful works of art to admire whenever you want and admire those who come to see you.

Photos. On which media do you print them?

Thanks to our creative tools you can turn your custom photo books into a fantastic work of art, on canvas, framed by hand and printed on natural cotton, etc.

Where to put your prints?

Your home tells your story. Bedroom and living room have always been the ideal places to hang prints, even large ones. The dining room is the privileged place where the family meets not only for special occasions. Here you can think of creating a “gallery wall” mixing old photos and new family photos, which tell different moments lived together. To ensure greater uniformity, we recommend that you print all your black and white family photos.

The kitchen is certainly one of the most experienced environments. If it is also spacious you can think of hanging funny memories that you can combine with the color of the furniture. So, every morning, there will be a good image to put you in a good mood and make you start the day with a smile. The environment is definitely damp so the most suitable support is the canvas.

And do not forget the children’s bedroom!

Even here you can hang up photos of their first days of life or create a collage of photos that portray the dearest loved ones: your children with their friends of the heart, the family and why not? Also together with faithful pets at home.

Periodically you can add or replace some photos.

You can use panels or canvas prints of various sizes that you can also place on shelves or furniture.

To amaze not only your guests but also your children who will be able to see how they were small and away, away, how they have changed, growing up.

Practical advice:

Decorate with pictures small and intimate spaces

In the spaces where the point of view for the vision of the images is extremely reduced we suggest to hang the photos of small dimensions and different formats, one next to the other according to a chaotic arrangement, not ordered. The effect is that nostalgic of the living rooms of long ago. Do not distance your photographs too much because if you exceed 15 cm between them, you will break the group feeling. In this case we also recommend selecting an odd number of photos.

Decorate with large photos spaces. The exhibition style of the art gallery.

If your room or living room is large, print photo books online in large sizes, in the same format and with the same finish. Available at the same distance, next to each other. You will get a sober, elegant effect that blends perfectly with the modern and minimalist style furnishings.

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