Discover Wedding Photo Album Ideas

Marriage is a privileged moment that celebrates the love between two beings, but also the reunion and the meetings of the people who are dear to each one. A wedding photo album allows you to keep the unique and precious moments of joy in memory and share them with your loved ones.

You exchanged your vows, listened to speeches, and now you want to remember everything. Designing a beautiful photo album will bring the finishing touches to your wedding. We have a lot of tips to give you to create a photo album that you’ll love to browse through in the years to come, and that will make a perfect gift for your loved ones and your new in-laws.

Find inspiration from our tips below for your own wedding photo album and browse through the photo album created by one of our colleagues in memory of her big day to her.

For which occasions to make a wedding photo album?

The answer to this question seems obvious to you, but be aware that a wedding photo book also lends itself to engagement for the most traditional families. Then come the wedding anniversaries which, for each decade, in time of celebrations, can be the subject of an album.

You will also find a couple of personalized photo albums online that stand out from wedding albums. Not to be confused. They highlight the moments of love in everyday life: weekends for two, romantic dinners, outings. A great gift for Valentine’s Day if you run out of ideas!

Why choose a professional photographer for his wedding photo album?

Perhaps you had thought of calling on a friend of yours for the photoshoot on D-Day. Here are some reasons to choose a professional for the photos that will appear on your wedding photo album:

It has the right equipment to cope with all situations and produce professional-quality photos: sharp, well-framed, sublimated and well exposed.

He has experience and will advise you on the organization to adopt for the day in terms of poses, creative scenarios, and moose.

Clichés will be the only memories you will have of this magical moment. Even if you are not a fan of photos, you will probably appreciate having some very good quality to remind you from time to time the most beautiful day of your life.

Shooting ideas for a successful photo album

As mentioned above, the photographer can advise you on the shots that will make your album; an original photo album: romantic photos with or without a theme, group photos (with family, friends), zooms on the details of the decoration, the place, the costumes, the dresses, etc.

Wedding Album: A professional rendering in one click

Whether via the Pikbuk website or mobile application, create your professional-quality wedding photo album thanks to:

  • Premium quality materials: matte, glossy or selective varnished photo paper will sublimate the colors and contrasts of your photos,
  • A retouching option that optimizes the quality and the rendering of your images,
  • Graphic designs and backgrounds that offer a multitude of models.

Because it would be a shame not to enjoy your beautiful photos, sublimate them in a personalized picture album. It’s easy, fast, and fun!

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