Do you Care for your Photography Gear? Here is how you can keep them Safe on Holi

Holi’s almost here and by now you would have surely seen a number of people walking with their faces covered in ‘Gulaal’ or some other holi-favored color. We can’t wait to get soaked in the wildness and the play of colors but the shutterbugs would always do what they do best; capture every action on the lens and get the best hd photo prints. As we shared so much more about how and where you can have the most of the Holi photography, it is now time to shift focus on the precautions needed to keep your gears safe:

Zip Lock Bag – The universal solution:

The multipurpose utility pouch which is used by mountaineers and backpackers worldwide; the zip lock bag is also your first line of guard for the expensive cameras and DSLRs that you use for taking pictures to create a photo album online. It would work best to just have a small zip lock bag, which can store your phone/camera safely. And, yes you need to stop casting your doubts about its effectiveness because these zip lock have been the best available safety gear for quite some time now. Most importantly, you will not be undergoing the tough job of finding them as they are available at most local shops and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket either!

If you feel this is not a viable option, there is more of a localized hack to keep the devices protected with the help of plastic bags and stick it up with duct tapes and even rubber bands. This is not a crazy idea as long as you do it right; so that means you need to wrap the plastic cover twice to thrice on the device to keep it dry.

Housing kits – The more professional approach:

But of course, you can always opt for professional alternatives out there! This may be on a little expensive side but it can be very reassuring for the shutterbugs that are not willing to take the makeshift route on the festival of colors. Moreover, the equipment is no longer restricted to a few camera and editing effects. You have the option of DSLRs as well as motion cameras that can churn out exceptional hd photo prints. After all, when you need more, you got to fetch more.

The touch ups

After doing all the hustle amidst the bustle of the season of colors and an extremely grand festival like Holi, what you need is a reputed source for getting the personalized photo albums online. Luckily, in this age of rapid digitization and the mass internet accessibility, it is all but easy. With the Pikbuk app, you can order your custom made photobooks as easy as 1,2,3! The app gives all the best refinements and photo filters to make your Instagram prints come to life. So, let the journey begin and start a real spectacle of colors!

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