Errors When Creating A Photo Book, Or What NOT Need To Do In The Photo Book

All tips usually come down to how to make beautiful. Unfortunately, one button that would do this was not yet invented, and therefore, everyone is trying to find their own meaning in this word. Below I will try to explain what not to do, so as not to lose the beauty of the creating photo books for decorations.

1⋅ Do not save.

“I have 300 photos. They will fit into the book 20*15 on 24 pages?” Is the usual question of our customers! Get in, everything will fit. But how! Imagine a hostel with ladybugs, where beetles are your photos. You will not be able to see either the faces or the background, nothing. We act according to the principle: we take not quantity, but quality. Better yet, choose a plot.

2⋅ Do not fuss.

“I sent you a photo book (an aggravating option: I paid), and then I noticed a mistake” Check everything before shipping. When everything is checked, and you are sure that everything is OK, check again. Let me check my wife/husband/mistress and even the cat if he fumbles in the design. This is your earnings. Naturally, if the book goes to print, nothing can be changed. Because the names, dates, pictures, and especially Photoshop layers – everything should be clear and correct.

3⋅ Do not fill everything in one color.

Fear of seeing a pale book usually results in dark red layouts. Fear of red makes mockups green. Set up your monitor, learn how to “pull” pictures. Do not know how – refer to the professionals.

4⋅ Do not move the image under the cut edge.

The book block is clipped. The cover is bent. It is worth remembering. And do not try to insert the names of teachers or the logo into the critical 3 mm of the cut edge. Moreover, let your photos be “scared” of the crop, and 5 more mm will recede from it. But the background should be stretched to the full size of the layout.

5⋅ Do not offer the client anything that you cannot imagine.

You should know exactly what the product will look like if you offer it to a customer. Order a sample. Make a new design in the sample, or order additional options for it at the time of ordering online photo book printing India. Design for printing may turn out worse than on a computer, and for lamination, you need to prepare files in a different way (remove some red). But all this will not be critical unless it is a client order.

6⋅ Do not try to get ahead of time.

Wishes to pick up a book ahead of time, make faster, etc. – do not go to the benefit of the book. A good book is a dry book. Any photobook uses glue. They need to dry. Better under pressure. Ideally, at a stable temperature. Otherwise, no one guarantees that the book will not start to warp in a month or two.

7⋅ Do not be lazy.

Nobody promised that a good book will be released in one evening. Significantly worse, if you carelessly mock-up, faces fall into a photobook, arms and legs go to the back and appear from nowhere in a printing book. Read and remind yourself of the technical requirements for the layouts. Try to observe the alternation of large and general plans. The reversal should look solid.

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