Family Photos Session- How Do We Dress?

One of the most frequent questions that you ask me before doing a family photo session is how do we dress ?. It is true that it is not easy to choose clothes for all, there are several things that we must take into account, and I hope to guide you here.

family photos session

To illustrate this entry, some family photos on the beach with a very successful wardrobe for the occasion.

In the result of a photo session, it influences a lot more than you imagine the choice of clothes, and a good choice will undoubtedly mark the difference in the final result.

The first and most important. Be yourselves! If you are accustomed to wearing casual wear normally and that is what marks your style, do not come adorned because the result will not convince you and you will not find when you see your photo book online. Also, look for clothes according to the chosen environment. This type of reportage is usually done in open spaces and natural environments, so the choice is not complicated.

The importance of colors. Imagine these same photos with the difference that the protagonists would not have taken into account the colors at the time of dressing. We would have nothing to do and probably would not transmit the same. The neutral tones work always, they adapt to all the ages, and they give us many facilities when it comes to combining them.

For Custom Photo Book on the beach look for natural fabrics, linen, wool, cotton, and solid colors and preferably clear if we are in summer or spring. In winters more marked textures, woolen jumpers with thicker stitch, gray tones combined with some other color and accessories such as scarves or hats give a lot of play too. It is also a good idea to add more color, but always taking care of the combinations.

Find a range of colors for the whole family; it will help us to give homogeneity to the whole and the group photos. This does not mean that we have to dress all the same with cowboy and white shirt. There are many more options!

It is advisable to avoid shirts with many letters, large logos, or very marked prints that reduce the focus and divert the point of interest. The small prints, however, combined with solid colors will help us to give variety.

Fundamental is also to be comfortable, especially the smallest ones because we are going to have to run, jump, or even turn upside down!

But what really if it is essential is to come with a desire to have fun and smile, to that there is no garment that makes him shade!

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