Five Tricks To Make The Best Photos In Summer

Summer is time to go on vacation, have fun with family or friends and put on your best face. It is one of the dates in which more photographs are taken: travel, how you rest on the beach and partying. It is the best time to show off on social networks with perfect pictures, and if you do not know where to start, we will show you some tricks to make custom canvas prints and square prints online:

Your camera helps you

Your camera knows perfectly how to make the best photo collage square so let it help you to follow it. Many phones have Artificial Intelligence in their camera that allows them to choose the best way to take a picture according to what you want to photograph. Be it a landscape, a selfie or a photo at night; your camera with AI will be able to guess and configure the parameters to make it the best. One can easily develop personalized picture albums with photos captured with AI cameras.

 Portrait mode

If what you want to do are, selfies or pictures (your children, your partner, your friends) make the most of Portrait Mode. The mobiles with dual camera have this mode but also others thanks to their software.

Natural light at noon on a sunny day is overhead (from above) and is so hard that it produces strong shadows on the face, with special incidence in the eyes. Therefore, in these conditions and as a general rule, we should refrain from making portraits.

Of course, everything depends on what we want to achieve with the photo, but in general, the overhead light is certainly not the best recipe for a portrait that is pleasant. One can go for digital photo frame online India to preserve the memories spend with family and friends.

The best selfies

It is no longer fashionable to ask someone to take a picture of you: make your best selfies. A selfie does not have to be linked to poor quality, and you can have the best. For example, using phones with dual front cameras.

Two better than one

If you still do not know why all your friends make personalized photo albums online and you do not, maybe the problem is not how you focus but the quality of your camera. You can have a dual sensor phone that will allow you to take better pictures and have better results for custom photo books.


The dynamic range, HDR (High Dynamic Range) makes the images better; thanks to three shots in a single click. An overexposed shot, underexposed and balanced and then combines the three so that the photograph has better quality, is not moved, there is no noise in it and highlight the best of what you have captured. It is possible that your mobile has this mode and you will only have to activate it from the camera application of it without any difficulty.

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