How to Furnish the Home with Square Photo Prints?

Better colored or in black and white? Up or down? Which subjects to choose? Furnishing the house with the right square photo prints is possible. But where to start?

In this article, we will give you some suggestions on how and what to have to furnish your home with the right elements and above all to make it personal. Then some specific rules will allow you to create the right atmosphere to make your home unique or furnish the walls of your office originally.

square photo prints

Decorating with square photo prints does not mean that you should include a wide range of colors or figures; rather it is about using the pattern as a focal point of the decoration and limiting it to a specific area of the environment in which you are going to use it. You can choose from the patterns of classic patterns to the modern ones, going through those that are representative of a particular decoration style, whether it be vintage, retro, art-deco or hippie decoration, among others.

The Aesthetic Composition of the House

Finally, the house you longed for is ready: the floor, the walls, the curtains, the furniture and all the furnishings that you have chosen with such care. Nevertheless, you have the feeling that something is still missing from your home that makes it unique and special. But what?

The best way to give a final touch to the furnishing of your rooms is to decorate the walls with paintings, posters, photographs or furniture prints, elements of strong visual impact that contribute substantially to the creation of the atmosphere you breathe in a certain environment.

Colors, styles, materials, and dimensions of the different elements must be linked together in a natural way.

Strengths, Colors, and Styles

Each element within an environment is a specific “focal point”, a point of attention towards which the observer’s gaze is attracted. In the arrangement of the paintings, the goal is precisely to maintain a balance between the various elements so as not to create a sensation of visual confusion. This principle is important especially in those furnishings where essentiality is the protagonist.

Two other elements to consider are the colors and style of the prints, which must be combined naturally with those of the rest of the furniture. If you have the problem of an environment that is too anonymous or static, you can dare and use prints in the opposite way, thus creating a lively contrast.

More Valuable Tips

Finally, here are some suggestions to make the wall decoration work better with square prints online:

  • Before hanging a picture with nails or hooks, place it on the wall to get a first impression on the combination with the other furniture elements in the room.
  • The juxtaposition of paintings and photographs is to be avoided.
  • In the case of portraits or depictions of people, try to turn the others into a universe, to create an effect of harmony between the different visual lines.

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