How to Create a Wall of Photos?

Do you want to decorate your house with your photos? Finish the white walls and the simple picture frame placed on the dresser, realize a wall of photos for decoration of interior 100% personalized! You will be able to relive your memories of families or holidays every day.

Discover our tips and ideas to make your own photo wall decoration and get started!

Our basic tips for making a photo wall

Before you start printing your images, set the mood, you want to give your home. Choose the theme of the photos you are going to exhibit. Do you want a living decoration? Opt for a wall of family or friends photos by selecting images of shared moments and events with your loved ones!

Do you want to travel every day? Select your most beautiful holiday pictures! Do you prefer more contemporary decoration? Why not create a wall of photos of the cities you visited? Bypassing your photos in black and white with custom photo books, your decoration will be all the more modern!

In terms of colors, choose images that are in harmony with each other and that blend well with your interior: black and white or sepia for a sober and aesthetic look, brightly colored photos for a touch of pep on a white wall, etc.

Play with the formats! Your wall of decoration can mix photos of different formats to create a certain dynamism. Your wall of photos may be larger or smaller, depending on what you are looking for: bringing a touch of life? Complete your decoration? Diving a room in a special atmosphere?

Everything is allowed, choose the themes, colors, and formats that inspire you the most! In all cases, select images and materials appropriate to your interior (wall paintings, furniture, colors already present, etc.). Then choose the location of your photo wall: in the living room behind the sofa to give it a place of honor, at the entrance for a warm welcome, in a room for a warm and intimate atmosphere, etc.

Then, it’s time to think practical! Take the dimensions of the wall chosen to adopt the format of your future decorative wall photos.

How to compose your photo wall?

To make your photo wall decoration, you will print several visuals. Depending on the size of the wall, stop on a number of photos, on one or more formats, and think about the final layout of the images. Do not hesitate to do some tests on the ground delimiting the zone to refine your final layout.

Once this work is done, you just have to choose your visuals, their formats, and print media: poster, photo framed or not, photo wallpaper, plexiglass, Alu-Dibond, etc. Make your choice according to the rendering you want (shine, modern or rustic effect, etc.).

Thanks to a photo collage creation tool, you can also make one or more photo collage on wood. This software allows you to create a composition of images that can mix more than 80 photos!

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