How to Display the Square Prints?

Square Prints

The most common, popular form of photograph copy is square prints. There have been numerous occasions when a photograph has captured your best memories in this well suited format. In this age of Instagram prints, every photograph in square print display and aspect ratio comes in handy for upload due to the compatibility. It is the need of every corner table or a designing space that requires something personal and endearing to put up on display. Hence it is better to know a trick or two about how to display the square prints to create a good impression as somebody walk in the door.

  1. A scrapbook- It is a fun idea to display all the square prints on a scrap book to start with. It requires a lot of creativity and an eye for detail. So you need to assemble all the best clicks and maybe enhance them with the help of an online photo editor. There are also various filters that can add humorous touch to your photographs. Having a scrapbook gives you quick look back at the memories and the best days that went by.
  2. Clip it! Yes that is all you have to do. Clipping all your favorite memories and sets them as pikdisplay is the simplest way to have all the photos define who you are and how much your dear ones mean to you. Just about any type of hard board can be the backend support for your photos. Or you can also let the photos be free flowing with the help of clips and pin. Just keep in mind that the best utility can be carved out only by simplicity!
  3. Cubicle collage- Ever thought of a cubicle collage with pikdisplay? It is a brilliant idea to give your workspace some refreshing whilst allowing you to relieve stress whenever you have a hard day. Cubicle collage is all about assembling only the best pictures for the collage as there is a constraint with regard to space and area. Once again you can either pin on the board or clip them on a string.
  4. Play with the frame angle- Get over the boring and traditional style of hanging your square prints in the linear fashion. Instead you can hang them on the wall with a slight twist or even line them up like a series of events. In the course of doing so, make sure that every picture tells a story and they all follow the events which has been reflected on the previous snaps. This style of artistic display is particularly useful for showcasing a baby’s journey or a married couple’s life over the years.
  5. Photographs in grid- If you happen to have a selection of photos and none of them can be omitted from your custom photo book then there is no way better way than framing and displaying all of them in the grid style. Do not worry about the walls as most of the online photo printing services have brought the idea of hanging the pictures with the help of sticky patch behind the pictures which are easily removable and do not damage walls.

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