How to Edit Photos to Look Old?

Holidays are around the corner. Put the last things in your suitcase and don’t forget your camera. There will be beautiful landscapes to capture. Wait, wait a minute. What is the one you have in your hands? No, don’t tell me this is a Polaroid! But have they informed you that we are no longer in the 80s?

It is difficult to take a picture at first. Even professionals need to touch up and improve them. Here are some tricks to edit photographs and get different effects: old, retro, etc. The charm of old Polaroids is unattainable, but do you want to close your eyes to the high quality of photos taken with modern digital cameras or even those taken with the latest generation smart phones?

With a mobile or professional camera, you need to edit your photos. Make small tweaks that enhance the beauty of the composition. And for that, you don’t need to have great knowledge in the matter, just have the necessary tools.


Every day smart phones have more quality in the camera. This allows us to take better photos without the need to have a professional camera on top. Even with applications, we can edit them from the terminal itself and upload them to our social networks.

With these tools on our mobile, it is much easier to carry out photographic retouching. If you prefer to do it from your computer, Photoshop, Light room or Gimp are the most used and best-functioning programs.

Whether you decide to use your computer or your mobile, you must take into account a number of aspects that you can modify to get special effects for photo collage square. Take note:

  • Noise: if old or vintage photographs are characterized by something, they are due to their imperfections: stripes, spots. These effects can be achieved, and you will get a more aged touch to the image. Also adding textures or filters can help cause that effect.
  • Sepia or black and white: although the original image is taken in color, applying a sepia or black and white tone gives that old look that we want to achieve in our photograph. These types of tones also look especially good with Polaroid-sized images.
  • Contrast: take into account the contrast to give old effect. We will highlight more the shadows of the image. It also adjusts the level of light, before, in conventional photography, it was typical that part of the images was burned.

Starting from the fundamental assumption that, contrary to appearances, succeeding in the enterprise is not at all complicated, in order to “age” your photos giving them the classic black and white, faded or sepia coloring you will not have to do anything but turn to some special online services within reach of everyone or, alternatively, computer programs that are very simple to use. If you liked these tips, you can start putting them into practice with your photographs. And why not? Decorate the walls of your home with personalized photo album online.

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