How to Make an Original Photo Collage

We fill our home with beautiful photographs and memories. If you want to decorate your walls with style, bet on making a photo collage. You do not know? We teach you to do it.

Fashions always come back. Although the collage had never left, today they resurface more strongly as a brilliant idea of ​​decoration for the walls of your home.


To explain how to make one, you must first know what a photo collage is. It is a technique that has evolved and although, originally, it was related to painting, today the majority who use this term is referred to photography.

The collage is a mosaic of photos with which to decorate the walls of your home or office. You can do it with loose photographs forming a set of photos. Or you can do it in different ways with pictures, frames, canvases. Making a combination of different elements, you can create a beautiful composition.


A wooden collage photo frame India of many photos serves to decorate with pleasure. It is a different way to upload photos and surprise everyone who visits your home. For example, you can make a wall clock with photos. It is simple and looks great in large rooms on walls that are not recharged.

With the composition of a collage, we want to convey or reinforce the same idea. They are not random images because yes, but they have to have a common thread for the photos on the wall to tell a story by themselves. For example, the evolution of your child since birth.


At this point, you may have wondered how to make a photo collage. And we have an idea to give you. You will see how easy it is to make collages with photos.

Photo collage

Decorating with photos is something you like in any home because you bring that personal and intimate touch of each family. One of our favorite ideas is to combine canvases with photo and framed photographs.

Find a wall where you have space. You should also take into account the color of it. Nude colors with our collage idea fit perfectly. Also with shades of white and gray.

The idea is to cover the wall in a beautiful way, without reloading, playing with the spaces. You can also combine the photographs with mirrors. In this way, break with the composition to make it more informal.

You can vary the size of the canvases and also the position. You don’t have to put one below the other perpendicularly. You can play with the corners and make asymmetric compositions. Choose canvases and frames of different sizes to be able to combine them better on the wall.

The free wall space is very important when deciding the size of the photo canvases. The more free the wall, the more photo canvases and frames we can add. Although it is advised to exceed neither its size nor the number thereof.

The location is a fundamental aspect. It is better to choose a place with clean light so that the photo collage canvas can be observed better. If we used dark photographs and where we put them there is not too much light they would be little appreciated and would be dreary. We must seek clarity and sin as minimalists. Sometimes, less is more.

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