How To Photograph The First Months Of Life Of Your Baby

This is not a race in the background; you do not have to show anyone how well you do the photos. It’s the first months of your baby and what you want is to immortalize it, capture every detail, every important moment, because they never come back. They vanish as fast as they arrive and you cannot touch them again, the only way to relive them or savor them again is to through your memory, which is treacherous and leaves forgotten memories in corner. No matter how much you try to pick them up over and over again, or through Photobook printing, those little pieces of paper that serve as remnants of memory.

You like photography, that’s why you’re reading this article, and that’s why you’re not satisfied with just shooting and saving the memory, and you’re doing well because if in addition to the memory you get a nice photo, with the time you’ll appreciate it.

When a baby comes home, your whole world turns upside down; the first days are difficult, precious, yes, but very difficult and very hard. In this case, it is not about shooting speeds, focal lengths, ISO and all these parameters of which we speak normally, it is a little person who comes to your world to break all your schemes, routines, schedules and others.


  1. Portray the preparations. Do not wait for the birth; you can begin to photograph the preparations or show the illusion that makes you come.
  2. Photograph your baby with the family. Make sure everyone has a picture with your baby, separately, in pairs or in groups, but have a memory of when he met his family and the happy face they put. And if you have little brothers or little cousins, then you cannot stop portraying them together!
  3. Immortalize the data of his birth. Make a reminder of the day and time it was born, how much it weighed and measured.
  4. The importance of the details. When they are so tiny, their body parts are so adorable! Those little feet, their precious and tiny hands, the skin of the first days- immortalize all those details, they go very fast.
  5. It portrays his evolution. Show your growth by portraying your baby in the same place or with the same object every month or every week; then you can make a montage and see how it has changed.
  6. Gifts or “loved” objects. Do you wear clothes that was yours or that a family member wore with all the love of the world? Or a toy? Well, take a picture with this, tomorrow may that clothing, or that toy no longer exist, but the photo will remain for the memory.
  7. Each baby has their own gestures and expressions, and these can change for days, weeks, or stay for life. If you can capture one when it grows it will be funny.
  8. All the moments are special, they have their more and less beautiful side, but it is a joy when you spend a little time having pictures of them all, the moment of the bath, the food, the tickles, the laughter, the sleep in arms.

Your first time. There will be a first time in which the foot is bitten, in which it crawls, in which a tooth protrudes, in which it claps if you portray those moments in your personalized photo album online will also serve as a graphic diary of its progress.

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