Keys To Hang Your Pictures Well

Hanging a painting well is an art. It may seem that it is just a question of fixing a nail on the wall and handling the hammer with more or less ease. However, if you have ever had to face the challenge of a blank wall, you will know that there is much more.

The paintings, as well as the mirrors, are very powerful and useful decorative tools because they help to reinforce the decorative style and add value to the whole. As long as they are well placed, of course. Because, even if you do not believe it, only a poorly placed picture can generate a very unpleasant visual noise that neutralizes our decoration.

That’s why these keys are so essential to know how to hang square photo prints.

When is a picture wrong?

In decoration, we always say that there are no absolute rules because of many decisions, in the end, depending on the taste of each one. However, there is a series of unwritten patterns that make things look better. Something like essential and infallible guides.

We can say that the main lines for hanging pictures are three:

  • That the painting is not closer to the sky than the furniture that is underneath. If you do not have anything under it, it should be at eye level.
  1. 2 – That in a vast wall there is not only a tiny square or vice versa.
  • Of course, and although it sounds basic, that is not twisted.

How to get them perfectly hung?

The paintings are a complement, and for that reason, we should have apparent the distribution of the leading furniture before starting to hang photo collage on wood. Then it is essential to evaluate the space we have in each wall and based on that, choose the size of the frames.

For the result to look harmonious and balanced, it should be possible to draw an imaginary line that crosses the boxes in the middle. If the composition is well assembled, from that line, all the pictures should be at an average height of the ground.

Finally, an important decision: place only one square or fill the wall with two or more.

If the painting goes alone

Paintings that go alone immediately gain prominence and relevance in space, so it is essential that they remain centered and in harmony with the rest of the decoration.

If you are going to place it on top of a piece of furniture (sofa, headboard, furniture), try to leave a space between 15 and 25 cm between the end of the furniture and the painting without it being too close to the sky. When a picture, a mirror or a composition are too close to the ceiling, it seems that they are floating and completely breaks the natural line of visualization.

If there are several paintings

There are many options to compose in a wall: in vertical, horizontal or cloud; with pictures of different sizes and shapes or the same; mixing different objects. We talked at the time in the blog of how to get perfect wall compositions, but remember that the important thing here is a balance.

Also, remember that when grouping pictures it is important to consider the separation between them. The distance will depend on the size of the pictures: the bigger they are, the higher the distance that separates them, unless you look for another effect intentionally.

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