Make a Wall of Photos to Decorate Your Interior

Each of us has pictures that make us smile, relive pleasant memories or tell more than thousands of words. Many photos remain on the disc of our computer, we bring back hundreds of our trips, and then we forget them. Let’s relive our best memories and print our best photos!

Today, it is a question of making you discover or rediscover one of the deco ideas turned around the photo print, in all its forms: the creation of a wall of photos. You will see that this good idea is accessible to the greatest number, and that in addition it adapts to all the tastes and the budgets. Overview!

Wall of photos: many printing options

Making a wall of square prints online is easy today, with the quick photo print available online on our photo site. There are various possibilities to choose the ideal wall composition, here are some examples that may inspire you:

  • Square photo printing, with or without border
  • Vintage prints
  • The slides, a timeless retro style,
  • Classic square prints online, for the most traditional,
  • Poster printing, to create a panoramic wall.

Which would you fall for? It is possible to mix between different formats & styles, for an even more original photo wall. Because decorating your wall of frames is good, but with photo prints, it’s better! After, it’s up to you to make your choice for your interior!

Family photos, travel, highlights … Everything is possible.

Your creativity is welcome

This decorative idea requires a little creativity, but no panic, everyone will see noon at his door, as they say. And not to leave you in the total blur, here are some ideas to decorate your walls in your home:

  • Using the masking tape: this technique is ideal for hanging your photos on the wall without damaging your wallpaper! And besides, it’s pretty, because there is an infinity of colours and different patterns. And why not play on the effects?
  • Vary the colours of your photos: why not print photos in colour, others in black and white, and finally in sepia?
  • Mix your photos with elements of magazine pages: recover the letters and form words or quotes to accompany your wall decoration.

Wall of photos: a simple and accessible decoration

It is you who define the simplicity or complexity of your creation, according to your budget and your desires. No need to do too much for an original and impacting!

Ideal for small spaces

As it is a 100% customizable decor, the wall of square photo prints adapts to any type of space, young and old! Also note that it works for a long corridor, because you never know how to decorate this “room”. Now you know!

So what will your composition be? Which photos will be hung on the wall? Are you going to make a wall of photos for your room, your dining room, your living room? Tell us everything!

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