Make First Class Photobook for Yourself

You also have about a thousand photos that are stored in your computer or smartphone, but you do not do anything?

Would you like to print more photos of your family, but you do not know how to group them together? You can decide to create a photo album by month, vacation, or year. Thus, you will have a complete and pleasant overview of your best moments. Very quickly, you will appreciate to see enlarge your collection!

You are given some tips to create a canon album to leave prominently on the living room table.

The dilemma of returning from vacation, you know?

You’ve come back from vacation, and you’ve taken hundreds of photos.

You want to make a photo book.

But when you imagine the magnitude of the task, you prefer to postpone. Pikbuk has the solution for you: create photo book in 3 steps!

With these 3 easy steps, make your holiday photo album fast and easy.

Your reward: a beautiful photo book to tell your adventures, at your door in just a few days.

Step 1: Organize your photos

The most important step is to organize your photos. Find photos that are on your computer phone, your computer, your tablet, and combine them in a folder, for example, on your smartphoto account. You can subdivide by year, by day, by travel destination, or by theme, but stay simple!

Before starting your album, delete all the photos you do not like, duplicates, blur. Do not think too much, and keep only the best for your photo album!


Do you have some time on vacation? Every night, when you’re connected to wifi, transfer your favorite photos of the day to your smart photo account. A big time saver, since the selection of photos, is the most time-consuming part of the job!

Step 2: Choose your photo book

Smartphoto offers a wide range of Custom Photo Books in different styles and formats. If you feel overwhelmed, choose the best-selling photo book. Many people are happy with this photo album; chances are you’ll like it too! You can start with an existing design. So you can build a unique book in the blink of an eye. Each year, new designs are added to the collection.

Step 3: Add your photos (automatically)

Do you want to save time? Use automatic filling. In the authoring tool, you can choose to automatically place all the photos you have uploaded. These are placed in the design you have selected in chronological order and taking into account their vertical or horizontal orientation.

Check if the photos are correctly placed and framed, if you want to make one last touch, it’s time! You can easily crop photos, change places, add text, artwork, reverse pages by simply moving them with your mouse in the creator.

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