Modular Paintings In The Interior: Tips And Tricks For Choosing

Decorating an apartment with various decorative elements is a familiar affair. People love to hang pictures on the walls, think up options for placing vases with flowers, rearrange the figurines from corner to corner, choose the color of pillows for the sofa and buy fridge magnetics on journeys. The design of apartments, houses, or cottages pleases owners who want to create comfort and beauty around themselves with their own hands.

True connoisseurs collect unique exhibits, rare specimens and turn their homes into real art galleries. They use traditional methods of interior decoration: they hang pictures in beautiful frames, decorate the shelves with statuettes, and spread soft carpets on the floor. But times are changing, and today, new technologies have invaded this sphere of life. Increasing interest was caused by modular paintings in the interior.

What features have modular paintings in the interior?

First, let’s see what these special pictures are? Outwardly, they look like a regular sub-frame, on which the canvas is stretched, made either from natural or from artificial materials. Can consist of several elements, be of any size and shape. Like traditional paintings, a different manner of execution and themes. Such an element of decor will easily take its place in every interior, even in the most extravagant.

Modular paintings in the interior is a mixture of traditional traditions and modern technologies. The image consists of several segments that can be independently positioned at their discretion at different distances from each other. From the depth between the parts, the perception of the whole will also change. You can place segments at different distances, making the image either static or in motion.

Frames, which are present in ordinary pictures, in this case, interfere with the holistic perception and are always absent. Canvas prints online in a modular picture is natural or artificial. The difference is that in the first case, the images look more colorful and expressive than in the second. Therefore, paintings on natural canvas are much more expensive. Also, have to work hard to keep them in good condition. They need thorough care. Such products are very capricious: they cannot be placed near batteries or in any other warm place.

Increased humidity is also poorly reflected in the appearance of the picture. Drawings made on artificial canvas are simpler to operate and cost considerably less. The modular picture in the interior looks quite unusual. Separate execution will attract more attention than regular drawing. And each time, looking at the image, you can experience new impressions of such an artistic decision. Of course, the technique of separate parts is not simple in execution. It is necessary to pay special attention to the plot, style, colors, manner of applying strokes. All elements must be harmoniously combined with each other.

Where to buy modular paintings for the interior?

For those who do not know how to draw and do not want to work on creating a handmade artwork, but really wants to include modular paintings in the interior of their home, the simple option is to buy the most liked image or get it custom made canvas picture prints with your family picture or something that reminds you of your passion or love.

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