Painting On Canvas: 5 Ideas From Which Your Walls Will Be Delighted

Family photos in wooden frames often look pretty cheap, and the photos on them cannot always be seen well – either the glass glows, the image is too small. Only teenagers, hipsters, and scandi-style fans can afford to hang their favorite pictures on the walls with masking tape or twine and decorative clothespins. Typical pictures from Ikea are too many homes and offices.

How to balance on the verge of individuality, status, aesthetics, and economy? We have the answer – painting on canvas. And 10 ideas of what can be depicted on it:


Even if you and your family members do not like to be photographed on ordinary days, every person has had events in their lives that they simply couldn’t help but take pictures of graduation, wedding, anniversary, and maybe performance at a professional conference. Open the “Photo” folder – successful frames are quickly forgotten when loaded into the memory of a computer or phone. Let the most valuable events of your life remind you of yourself.


Lovers of poses, on the contrary, often consider it their duty to arrange regular photo shoots for themselves or children. And everyone who has done it at least once knows that to arrange a photo session is not an easy task, requiring the solution of many organizational issues. When, finally, all the locations, clothes, makeup, themes are selected, the shooting took place, and the photographer finally handed you the result, the picture on the canvas with the most successful frame is a worthy final chord.

By the way, the idea for photographers: it has long been the practice that when ordering many hours of shooting packages, some masters give a photo book. But to offer a canvas print online as a gift (and to help the client choose a frame, a size, and a place on the wall – where to hang it!) Still few people thought of it. Make it your competitive advantage!


If you want to hang an image of a quiet Italian street in the kitchen or decorate the room with a view of the famous cathedral, then why not take this photo from the archive of your travels? Then it will not be “just a picture”, but what brings you vivid memories of holidays and adventures. And maybe in the bedroom will flaunt your portrait, made at sunset by the sea?

Disassemble your vacation photo archive, and at the same time relive these pleasant moments!


Modern technologies make it possible to turn an old black and white photo of your parents into a canvas picture print in their youth, to perpetuate the memory of grandparents. This is not only a great gift for elderly relatives but also a worthy decoration for the family living room.


In adolescence, very few people did not go through a passionate love for some musical group or actor. And what to do if you grew up, and love, maybe, died away but didn’t pass at all? Sculpting with a scotch on a wall a poster from a magazine is already undignified, but to find a decent photo and print it on canvas is the very thing!

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