Personalized Photo Album: 6 Original Ideas

Do you have beautiful pictures of your trip? Or cool pictures of your kids? With a personalized photo album, you can tell the full story of your trip or gather the most beautiful pictures of your children!

To make your photo album a creation you will be proud of; here, you find 6 original ideas that are easy to implement. From an alphabet photo album to a collage of square photos. The added benefit of a personalized photo album is that it is also a beautiful decorative object!

# Idea 1: ABC’s

With the alphabet photo album, tell your story in 26 letters! Each photo is represented by a word, always beginning with another letter of the alphabet. In this way, no one gets distracted by large blocks of text, and you can add larger photos.

This Personalized Photo Book could also be an instrument to teach the alphabet to young children! They will retain it even better by using photos of their relatives associated with short and simple words.

# Idea 2: Square is the keyword!

The square pictures are totally fashionable! The big advantage of square photos in a personalized photo album is that all photos have the same dimensions, which create harmony. Vintage photos taken with instant or analog cameras have a special charm. Unfortunately, the colors may fade after a while and the photos. To avoid losing those precious memories, scan your photos and print them in a photo album.

# Idea 3: Personalized Photo Album: Baby Diary

A baby is the most beautiful gift that exists. But he’s growing so fast, is not he? Shoot his changes to see them later. Also, keep a diary in which you can write down your feelings and describe any changes your child experiences in the first year of life. Make the first year of your child eternal with a personalized photo album. Divide your album between text and photo.

# Idea 4: Album Photo drawn!

Do you have drawings of your children that you do not want to lose? Keep them in a personalized photo album! You could invent a funny story with these drawings. The drawings are already displayed above your bed? In this case, we have another idea to surprise your little ones! Make a personal tale with other pictures, but where your kids are still the main actors.

# Idea 5: Bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? This list of things you want to do before a certain age? If so, take a moment to put together the photos of the extraordinary adventures you have experienced in a photo album. Otherwise, it goes without saying, put yourself right now! When will you be celebrating your next decade?

# Idea 6: Photo Project 52/365

Do you take too few pictures at your place, or do you want to improve your shots? Set up a photo project! Take a photo each week and make a collection 52 books at the end of the year.

Choose a theme to give a red thread to your project, for example:

52 weeks up to children,

52 days/weeks before your wedding

Your 52 most beautiful nature photos,

52 portraits of your loved ones.

At the end of the year, download your photos, and the editor will create for you a small bound personalized picture album with a photo per page recto-verso.

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