Photo Books Online As A Gift Idea For Almost All Occasions

What is more personal than a photo book? Anyone producing a photo book for a loved one will give him more than a normal present: a lot of time has been invested, the photos have been lovingly chosen, the person wants to remember the ordinary moments and has created something unique that nobody else in the world has.

Personal gifts are priceless. Canvas photo prints are gifts that can be realized even with a small budget. Above all, you need a bright idea about it.

Photobook as a cookbook

Have you pampered guests with a great home-cooked meal and received many compliments? Then let’s go, grab the camera and capture the process of making the popular meal. A cookbook is perfect as a gift for newlyweds, for someone who moves into the first home, for people who like to try new menus and of course for your treasure, if you discretely want to give this a hint that he is one would like to pamper you with culinary delights.

A heartfelt gift: Valentine’s photo book for the sweetheart

Anyone can buy roses and chocolates. A photo book with the most beautiful experiences with your loved one, however, is an ultimate romantic gesture. It is reminiscent of trips together and spent hours together. And shows that you have invested time in the gift – the most valuable thing you can give to someone. Also, a funny idea: Leave some pages empty in a photo book so that current plans for the future can be recorded in it and later, for example, new photos can be pasted in afterward. What also can be very romantic: There are also photobook printing providers, where you use a QR code a video message in the photo book can integrate. For example, at the end of the book, a link to a wedding request could be hidden by a video message or just a thank you for the time together!

Wedding album

Most newlyweds work together with a professional photographer on their best day. But even this cannot be everywhere with his camera at the same time, and this offers other wedding guests the opportunity to make the bride and groom an unforgettable wedding album as a gift. Especially groomsmen can put together great photo books, as they often also experience moments with the newlyweds, in which the rest of the wedding party usually cannot participate. So, if you eagerly snap during the preparations and even during the day, you will undoubtedly get enough pictures for a unique present.

Best friends photo book

Together, they went through the worst fashion trends of the 1980s, grew up together in the 90s and have been following each other through life since their youth. What could be more beautiful proof of friendship than the documentation of a unique bond? A great idea if you want to say thank you to your best friend.

Memories for the birthday

People, who have not yet grown up in the age of digital photography, can be delighted with a photo book from 19xx to today. If you’re not lucky enough to have your photos in orderly albums, you’ll be happy to receive his life as a personalized picture album for a big birthday. Certainly: Sorting and scanning photos of 40, 50 or 60 years is time-consuming. But the birthday boy’s radiance, when holding this very personal and unique gift in his hands, is worth the time investment.

Baby photo book

Especially the first development phase of the offspring is beautiful. And with custom canvas prints, you can follow this first time again, with all the highlights such as coming home from the hospital, the baptism, the first steps and later you can then look at these pictures together with the child. Bet that this will also provide for moments of smiles? A baby photo book is an ideal gift for goddesses and gods and of course for grandparents, which will certainly take snapshots of the offspring again and again, which the parents have not yet seen.

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