Photo on Canvas with Your Own Hands and from Professionals

Previously, only a professional artist could make a high-quality copy of a picture on canvas. Today everything has changed. Using modern technology, you can print a photo on canvas.

For printing, you will need a canvas and a color printer. Canvas can be purchased at a photo printing store and a printer at a hardware store. It is better to buy linen canvas of A4 size.

Packing with canvases should be opened before printing. Further sheets need to be stored under a press that they were not deformed and did not interfere with the work of the printer. Before refilling the sheets to the printer, they should be slightly moistened with water from the back using a spray bottle. This prevents prints and creases in the printing process.

Choose a suitable photo for printing. When choosing, consider its size. If it is insufficient for A4, the image will be blurry and divided into pixels. Next, in the printer settings, select color printing, and for the best quality of the final product, select the “paper for high resolution” setting (1440–2880 resolution will do).

If the format of your image exceeds the size of the sheet, then the production of the picture will take place in several stages. To do this, initially, you need to print fragments with a margin of one centimeter (each part duplicates one centimeter of what has already been printed). When all the fragments are ready, they need to be attached to the base of the cardboard overlap in accordance with the figure. In the places where the elements of the drawing are combined, the extra piece of the canvas should be removed with a sharp paper-knife, and then pasted over the fragment.

The surface of the custom canvas prints must be treated with a special gel or varnish, giving the photo the look of the picture. The effect of the gel is more pronounced than that of varnish. All these tools can be found in art stores.

Making photos on canvas at home is quite difficult and not very cheap. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the costs will be repaid and as a result, you will have a quality product. And if you need a photo on canvas as a gift, it will be more convenient to contact a specialized company. It will save you from frustration, from losing money and time.

Thanks to the use of modern technologies of printing photos on canvas, accurate image transfer is possible, and high image quality is provided even in large paintings. The print studio uses high-quality materials in its work, which are made in accordance with all safety requirements. The work of the print studio is based on the adapted industrial technology of large-format printing on modern equipment. Therefore, everyone can afford printing services, because photographs on canvas are relatively cheap.

Sublimation printing ensures the penetration of ink into the web under the action of high temperatures and pressure. From photo to best canvas print, the image passes with great precision, the colors are bright and saturated. In addition, the product is resistant to the effects of time and negative external factors (sun, moisture, dust).

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