Photography In The Interior

What do the British Queen Victoria and the Russian Emperor Nicholas II have in common? It turns out that both monarchs were, in modern terms, the fans of photography. And selflessly adorned with them the walls of their chambers and residences.

Photography In The Interior


The interior does not live without art. Shishkin in a gilded frame or drawing of your child – any fruit of creativity breathes life into the apartment. Pictures, photographs, posters, posters – they make our house ours, show our taste and affection.

Usually, the problem is not what exactly to hang on the walls (at least, after the summer holidays everyone has accumulated enough), but how to do it. We offer some useful tips.

Pictures, posters, photos in the interior

The best place to accommodate graphics and other works is the living room. It is here that you can and should entertain your friends by telling them about your findings and your desire for beauty.

Even the most beautiful photo printing on tiles in itself, or a photograph placed in a harsh environment, may not be appropriate. Be sure to contemplate the size of the room: large paintings- “luxury,” only allowed in spacious rooms. For small rooms, it is better to limit oneself to medium and small-size canvases.

A single miniature on an empty wall will look ridiculous, but a group of pictures tied in width to the dimensions of a sofa, a fireplace or a table will create quite a harmonious composition.

Another secret of decorators: small vertical images make the room visually higher, and horizontal – longer. Also, if the ceilings are high, and the pictures are small, it is better to place them in groups, for example, about the largest specimen.

Attention, an important rule: you need to hang in such a way that the square photo prints can be viewed conveniently. So, their center should be located approximately at eye level (usually hang at the height of 150 cm. Only note that this level is not always the same – for example, for standing in the corridor and for sitting in the living room, it will differ almost twice.

What about the background? Ideal – white walls, as in the gallery. They will not overtake the viewer’s attention, but, on the other hand, they will not add comfort. A compromise solution is a carefully selected monochrome paint shade, not necessarily neutral.

As you know, the India have for several centuries believed that there is a no more suitable background for pictures than dark green. But in Russian manor traditionally hung family portraits on blue and blue walls. Sometimes a dark, rich tone will better emphasize the merits of photo printing on tiles than the light one.

Fans of bright walls are advised to recall the wide white or light passe-partout, especially in the case of photographs or graphics. If in your collection there are a lot of black and white photos in a full mat, the walls can be pasted even with mottled wallpaper – black and white images and ornament will not argue.

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