Photography Lessons: 5 Useful Tips For Exceptional Photos … In The Rain!

The photos themselves are just a means to convey a feeling, to spread an emotion, to convince an idea. It is an instrument to share with others our particular way of seeing the world around us. Do not get obsessed with the camera or the effect you want to apply to the photo. Focus on what people will see, perceive and feel when they look at your picture.

The only way to learn is by practicing. You will not be a better photographer because you attend more courses or read more books. The process of photographic learning inevitably involves making mistakes at the beginning and learning from them. The only way to accelerate this learning is by practicing and taking more photos.

Autumn is coming, the days begin to shorten and the sun to be seen less and less. You will be astonished by the endless opportunities that a rainy day can give you!

Do not let yourself get down on a bad day, or turn a rainy day into the perfect opportunity to take amazing photos! Do not you believe it? Try to take a look at our gallery and follow some simple and useful advice to capture fantastic images for Personalized Photo Books!

  1. First, secure the machine

The most delicate part of the procedure is this: find a safe and “drop-proof” place for your camera: take a photograph from a shelter, from behind an open window or ask for help from someone and be accompanied “escorted” by an umbrella.

Do not forget, moreover, the magic of the world seen through a glass crossed by so many raindrops!

  1. Adjusts the shutter speed and shutter speed

Among the most striking images that you could capture during a storm is to “freeze the drops in the air”: to achieve this effect you have to reduce the shutter speed as much as possible and then increase the shutter speed. Try some tests!

Also, it will be easier if you put a dark background, a wall, a window, any object, or a light source like a lamp behind the drops.

  1. Focusing can be difficult due to the low light available

However, having to reduce the exposure times to try to “freeze the drops” you will need to keep the camera as still as possible, so the aid of a tripod will be providential.

Also, the “macro “setting may make it easier for you to have clear and beautiful images of raindrops.

  1. Do not let the reflections escape

During, but also immediately after a thunderstorm, the most incredible images can be obtained thanks to the pools of water that you can find around: you’ll see how a puddle is easily transformed into a painted “canvas”!

  1. And do not forget the umbrellas

Colored and covered with raindrops, umbrellas can be your great ally in the search for a phenomenal shot!

What are you waiting for?

If you see clouds gather on the horizon, be ready to leave the house to take unique photos that you can then turn into masterpieces to hang at home!

Imagine how beautiful it would be to decorate the walls of your home with photo collage on wood and paintings customized with your best photos taken on a rainy day!

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