Pop Art Poster: Color And Liveliness In Every Home Environment

The right furnishing accessories allow you to make every home environment original and personal, but also to amaze all your guests. If you want to succeed in this venture, choose posters pop art, accessories that mix bright shapes and colors, extravagant, modern accessories that could easily be displayed in a contemporary art gallery. And the beauty is that today pop art posters can also be made directly online thanks to the many companies specialized in high-quality square photo prints: in this way, your furniture comes to life from your home computer, but also from your smartphone and tablet, and it is also really very cheap.

But let’s go first of all to discover the characteristics of posters pop art and this exceptional art form, to fully understand the wonder that these furnishing accessories can give to our homes.

Pop art is a contemporary art movement that entered its full maturity during the 1960s. Among the most important and famous exponents we must surely remember Andy Warhol: the images in bright colors of the beautiful actress Marilyn Monroe are considered the best representation of this art and there are many people who decide to transform their personal photographs on the lines of this painting. Initially, pop art wanted to be a critical art: a critique of contemporary society that was too consumerist. With the passage of time, however, pop art has become a decorative art capable of bringing color and liveliness into every home environment.

Advertising symbols, bright colors and fluo, drawings in comic style, elements that draw inspiration from mass culture: these are the characteristics of the pop art posters that allow you to bring in your home the best of the culture of the ’60s and that offer the possibility to make every environment young, modern and very creative. The posters to furnish in the style of pop art match well with furniture with sinuous shapes, accessories of great design very original and with extravagant shapes and lighting created with equally original lamps.

The explosion of colors that these square prints online offer can create environment that strike the eye instantly and that create almost a sort of vertigo. There is no sobriety then, but only a great desire for fun and letting go to the freer part of themselves. Violet, fuchsia, orange, red, yellow, blue mix together in a psychedelic way and without any kind of rationality! But this does not mean that the rooms are not very elegant: these posters to furnish allow to give life to an intense elegance when combined with fine furniture and environments where white is the real protagonist.

The posters to furnish in pop art style are especially suitable for living room, kitchen or open space living. In fact, these are usually the widest areas of the house: despite this explosion of colors, you will not have a heavy or excessive environment. Obviously, nothing prevents you from including them in other rooms of the house, as long as you take care not to overdo it. Do you have any corners of the house completely empty? A pop art poster can be the right choice to give these corners a little character and to avoid them being too bare. The posters of this type can also be inserted in the corridors, especially in those very long corridors, not very luminous, bare and narrow, thanks to this explosion of colors.

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