Print Photo: Which Format To Choose?

How many photos do you shoot every day? The birthday of your child, the trip outside, the evening with friends, romantic shots with your sweetheart. A lot of photos to print, which would be a shame to leave in the memory of the camera, PC or your smartphone, risking to lose them forever. The problem is that when you decide when it’s time to print them, you never know which print format to choose!

In this article, we will help you choose among the most common print formats, and we will understand together which one is most suitable for your photos.

The format varies according to the proportions between the width and height of the photos you want to print (Aspect Ratio). The size of the files differs depending on whether the images were taken by a SLR camera, a compact digital camera or a smartphone.

If then these photo collage square have been modified maybe through some app on your smartphone, cutting and retouching them, the proportions of the file will still be different.

Ultimately which format to choose?

Digital formats: from 4: 3 to the square format

With the advent of digital cameras, starting from the ’80s, and then of smartphones and tablets, even the print formats have been revolutionized making it possible to create photos of completely different dimensions from the classic standards. Today we start from the 4:3 format of the digital compact and most smartphones, at 16: 9, more elongated, or other smartphones, at the currently highly appreciated square format 1: 1, made famous by Instagram and now widely used.

Yes, ok, and now which format do I choose?

At this point, after this brief explanation on the different print formats, you should have found out well which of the two categories of formats your photos belong to traditional 3: 2 formats or all the other digital formats.

Our advice, to choose, is to start from the use you want to do and from what you expect from your photos.

Already in our photo printing page, you can find the various formats and a brief analysis of their differences, but let’s see them in a nutshell.

The variable width formats

If you do not want to lose even the smallest detail of your shots or if for example, you want to print your Instagram photos so that they remain square even during printing, we suggest you instead to choose square prints online with variable width 10x, 12x or 13x. In this way, the short side of your photos will have the selected size (10 cm, 12 cm or 13 cm) while the long side will be printed according to the real proportions of the file.

The only limit you can have with this type of format is the maximum width, which cannot exceed 20 cm (if it should happen the system will indicate it correctly as explained above for the fixed size formats); otherwise, the photos will be printed in their entirety without cutting any detail.

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