Secrets of the Flawless Printing of Digital Photo Books Online

How many photos do you take each day? Your child’s birthday, the trip outside the city, the evening with friends, romantic shots with your better half. A lot of photos to print, which would be a shame to leave in the memory of the camera, PC or smartphone, risking losing them forever. The problem is that when you decide that it’s time to print them and convert them online into photo books, you never know which print format to choose!

In this article, we will help you choose between the most common print formats, and we will understand together which one is the most suitable for your photos.

photo books online

The format varies according to the proportions between the width and height of the photos you want to print. File sizes differ depending on whether the images were taken by a reflex camera, a compact digital camera or a smartphone. If then these photos have been modified perhaps through some app on your smartphone, cutting them and retouching them, the proportions of the file will still be different.

What do we want? Perfect quality! When do we want it? Immediately, as we press the print button! Unfortunately, it turns out we are far from always. Surely you know the feeling of disappointment that rolls you from head to toe when you look at a masterpiece on the screen and compare it with a printout of very dubious quality: it turns out you hold some ink-covered waste paper. Who is to blame? How to fix it? Today, we will deal with all the “how” and “why” and learn how to print digital photos (this time perfectly) in the silence and comfort of your home.

Why do Printed Images look Different?

The main problem of printing photos is that on paper they look completely different from the screen. The reason is that the screen emits light using its principle of displaying colors, and the paper itself reflects the light falling on it, and besides, printers use a completely different coloring system. The screens display colors using three phosphors, and the printer uses base-color inks to create new color combinations.

Thus, we have identified the main and quite obvious reason for the difference between the image on the screen and photo books online. However, it is important to know that with the help of some tricks that we will discuss below, you can actually print photos that are almost identical to the image on the screen.

Possible reasons for your disappointment:

  • Monitor brightness and contrast settings
  • Your printer is not designed for photo printing.
  • The printer does not have the right ink, toner, or other consumables.
  • You are not working with the correct type of paper.
  • The image has inappropriate resolution
  • Post-processing has changed colors

Of course, other factors also influence the quality and the final appearance of the photobook printing. However, when printing, you can really get incredibly close to the screen resolution image. The decisive factor here is to select the right combination of photo paper and photo printer, as well as adjust the image settings to prepare it for printing.

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