Reunion Photographs; Reunite Nostalgia with Technology

Reunions are like a flow of mixed emotions which flow after we hold them back for a long time. What can be more exciting to see our friends come together after ages for a meet up? It is going to be poignant, right? There  is no way we can actually do away taking photos at such events as they can serve as memoirs for our friends and dear ones who are separated by distance. Most importantly, the photo gifts for your loved ones will be much appreciated by one and all. Let’s see in what ways we can have perfect reunion photo albums:

  1. Use a Camera you’re Comfortable with– You really do not need a bulky DSLR laden with multiple lenses to shoot photos. Choose a camera which is easy to use and does not cause trouble while moving around. The zoom in and zoom out feature may be misleading or even difficult to operate for some. It is best to stick to the basics.
  2. Candid and Portrait Photos- Aim for a mix of photos. This would enable to capture different expressions and moments. And you’ll be able to get a host of good clicks of the camera friendly as well as the camera-shy! Speaking of candid, refrain from taking photos of people caught in an awkward moment. Let’s make the reunion fun without mockery!
  3. Use Advantage of Natural Light- Natural light is almost always better and superior to flash. If your party is scheduled to be held in daytime, try to capture the photos in natural light during the “Magic hour”. This term refers to that time which is prior to sunset when the light is golden and the shadows are long. It is an especially great time for natural light photos. But you must also avoid harsh sunlight. More often than not, your subject may end up squinting into the sun, and extreme shadows can work against you. It is always advised you click photos where you can get some shade and where the lighting is more even. This way, there will be less of hard work to perfect your photos on photo editor.
  4. Simple Backgrounds- Cluttered backgrounds look hideous to say the least and they add unnecessary attention capturing details which can hamper the composition and make it much less appealing. Choose backgrounds that even in tone and does not absorb too much light in the photos that only make them look dull.
  5. Eye Level photos- It is always better to take photos in which your subject poses for the camera head on and not the other way around! Also, the reunions are all about moments. Besides all the principal photography going on, be sure to click photos in small group among yourself. Who knows it could potentially be made into a photo collage canvas.

And finally, be respectful to those who are not willing to get photographed even though it is a reunion. While editing, do away with the shots which can be unflattering for some.

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