Why Square Photo Prints are so much in Demand?

Since the beginning of the digital era, everyone started talking about the aspect ratio of square photo prints and paper, since not a single photo taken with a digital camera was suitable for printing on photo paper of regular size anymore. In addition, recently, other standards have been added, which further complicate the situation. So what can be done so that you can put the memories that are dear to you correctly, and then put this photo in an album or frame?

A photograph that does not come out of a hard disk ends up dying. It’s that clear, that’s how cruel. Is that the end you want for your photographs? If no then choose our Pikbuk photo prints to keep your photos alive.

square photo prints

Square Formats

With the fever of Instagram have pictures in our cell phones is usually normal, and maybe the only memory saved from a special moment. For me taking pictures of flowers and details with color that we find in our day to day is an exercise of creativity and happiness. When it comes to documenting those captures, choosing them for printing is part of my challenge to document week after week. The shots that we use to place in Instagram always stand out in the album.

With square photo prints online of your memories, you can keep your memories at home or keep them close to you in your professional world. While going through a cheap photo print online! It is true that the cost of a photo is virtually reduced to nothing. Take advantage of your everyday printed photos or think about giving them away. The development of double or triple photos has often been done to offer them to families and loved ones. So do not hesitate, the photo print can prove to be a very beautiful souvenir to offer.

Decorate your House with your own Photo Prints?

Is your smart phone now your only camera? Whether it’s for your daily life or your travels, it’s just the only one you take on a mop?

The up scaling of our mobile phones allows us to achieve results like the professionals of photography! With state-of-the-art technologies and new devices like drones, it’s possible to print photos online in just a few clicks. We have the advantage of appropriating our creations to decorate our home.

The square photo prints have that extra something, typical of perfect symmetry. Their style at Instagram makes them perfect to keep the best memories forever. Whether it’s the delicious coffee cupcake on the corner or a mural in your favorite city or maybe a simple shot taken during your last walk, square prints will give your photos all the prominence they deserve.

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