Stop Time With Our Children’s Albums

This sounds cliche, but it’s the truth: Children grow up so fast! Before we know it they have already said their first word, they have stood up, and they know how to do a lot of things themselves and leave us overwhelmed with their occurrences. Sometimes we look back and wonder when all that has happened. Don’t let all those moments get lost!

Why don’t you prepare an illustrated album and print it so that it always accompanies you wherever you go? At Pikbuk, we can help you treasure those moments by creating Custom Photo Books.

  1. Don’t get obsessed with inns

Go online and look for pictures of children. Which ones attract your attention the most? Surely not those who are serious posing for the camera. Get them off guard! Children do not like to be interrupted to do something as boring as being still looking at the camera.

Any time of day is good to take a unique snapshot. Do you remember how his eyes lit up when he opened his first gift? Or that funny face when it was smeared with flour in the kitchen? Those moments you will want to treasure.

  1. Play, play and play

The keyword is to play! What can they like more than that? If they are entertained with what they like most, they will not know that you are taking photos of them, and they will be themselves natural, with those faces and facial expressions that you want to immortalize. This way, they will understand that taking pictures is very fun and you will also make it a family activity.

  1. Three is not always a crowd

Ask for help. Children have a lot of energy, and sometimes it is very difficult to control them. So you better look for allies to help you get the perfect photo. They can make sure the little one is entertained while you only have to focus on finding the right pose. It’s enough work!

You can also ask them to stand up behind you and make gestures or grimaces for the child to laugh while looking at you both and then order a personalized photo album online by joining all those photos.

  1. Work fast; children don’t wait!

Children get tired quickly: they get bored, hungry, or sleepy or simply want to do something different. So you will have to be very fast if you want to capture that unique moment.

Here are some ideas:

→ Always have the camera at hand, you never know what will happen, and even the most everyday moment can become something special.

→ Activate the burst mode or continuous shooting of your camera. You will not always be able to devote time to focus, and sometimes it is a better quantity than quality.

→ Whenever you can, choose to take pictures under natural light. Place yourself in the right direction; take advantage of the play of light and shadow. If you have to prepare the perfect lighting, the boy or girl may get bored by the time they get it and no longer want to know anything about photographs.

→ Forget about technical perfection. Sometimes a blurred or moved photo has much more value than a perfectly defined snapshot.

  1. Be patient!

Surely you knew what our last advice was going to be: patience! If the child is not comfortable, it will be noticed in the picture. You may have to leave it for another day. Do not see it as a failure. Or maybe after half an hour you have reached your limit and want to do other things.

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