The Jewels of Joy; How to make School Photographs Stand Out

The youngsters of today were adorable kids in the yesteryears who went to school carrying oversized backpacks. Those days were golden, so are memories associated with them. A photo album displaying our photos of school life is a precious gift which is virtually irreplaceable. Moreover, creating a school photograph album comes with its share of challenges not in terms of technical superiority but in terms of maintaining the balance between impromptu and cutting the fluff. As a matter of fact, there is no fluff in the kids because they are always endearing in every mood. So let’s look at the ways of enhancement for a truly nostalgic school photo album:

  1. Talk to the Kids– The kids are always fun to talk to and this way you can also ease their nerves to have a better album of photos. The kids tend to get nervous seeing so many people around and needless to say that some of them are camera shy. Try to befriend them whilst installing your set up. Crack a few jokes and make them laugh off their anxiety.
  2. Include the Kids Waiting in Line– Some of the schools decide to have the photo session of kids from multiple classes. This creates quite a thick crowd of kids. So, to make the photo album comprehensive, you can take a few candid shots. Watch them play, share a laugh and click a few photos. This would also help them prepare for their photo shoots once it is their turn.
  3. Keep it to the Basics- Let us keep it real simple, shall we? We are not in pursuit of photos which would adorn the magazines. Rather, we want to click photos which evoke a sense of nostalgia. Therefore there is no point in the overuse of edits, enhancements and all the meting out of the “imperfections” in the photo editor. Instead, the photos should be preserved well and processed in a manner that they can be used as a photo collage canvas.
  4. Convenient Location- Keep away from photos in the studio much as you can. The most ideal and common location has to be the classroom as it gives you the right set up and even the light source. Moreover, to get the best expressions of the students, a classroom can come in handy as it is the location wherein they spend most of their time. You can also explore the option to have a photo shoot in the school’s play ground or lawn if any.
  5. Group Shots- There is no way you can omit them of your photo album. Group shots are more than important if your kids are still studying in junior school as they are an integral part of the schools. But do not overdo the photos whatsoever. One more important point. The kids’ facial expression tends to change pretty often. So make sure to utilize the burst mode to get the right shot.

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