The Photography Trends of the Current Year

Over the past few years, photography has progressed exponentially due to a number of advancements made in terms of equipment. There has also been a change of perspective among a lot of photography enthusiasts as they have finally come to terms with the fact that big cameras cannot be the ultimate success mantra for creating a personalized picture albumof their dreams. Rather there have been a lot of improvisations made in the camera’s accessories department, something that was largely neglected so far. Now let us see some of the most followed trends of photography that have been doing the rounds in the present calendar year.

  1. Brands communication- Gone are the days when the top of the league brands would ask the photographers to literally paint a glossy picture of something they want to showcase. At the moment the high priority is the authenticity in brand communications. The unedited, unfiltered photos are give more regard than those that that are heavily edited and laden with lot of special effects to “boost” the beautification process.
  2. Boom in travel photography- What was once only about clicking a few pictures in the backdrop a landmark/monument with the family has now turned into something of a documentary of its own! It is the age of social media and Instagram prints and hence people are finding only such personalized albums online that gives them the most beautifully designed photographs to be used to grace their social media handles.
  3. Trade shows are soon to fade out- Like most of the things in our life, the much respected culture of photography trades and shows are now breathing its last. The relevance has reduced to a great extent simply because of the large chunks of information and pieces of excellent photography in the free online resources.
  4. Diversity- It was missing a lot in the previous year most of the photography failed to turn the attention as they lacked diversity. In the current year, a lack of diversity will not cut the mustard. The imagery in every custom photo album should be such that it reflects the diversity of the culture and even the mood of the subject in the most natural manner. It is not just the awareness campaigns that have become open to the diversity but also the fashion circuit which has become a symbol of diversity lately.
  5. Originality in storytelling- It is one of the recurring trends but originality was seen missing in the last year. But in all its essence the craft of photography has always been less about technical perfection and more about the ability to tell engaging tales. Humor is another tool that can enhance the photography with catchy taglines or hashtags. There has been a sense that the photographic instincts should be such that every trend instills confidence in the minds of the photographers.

So it is now time to see photographs with minimal post processing effects and maximum raw appeal.

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