Traditional Photo Versus Canvas Prints- Which One To Pick Up

To preserve their important memories for a long time, people take photos in great abundance.

Every person’s life is filled with exciting events and bright moments. But human memory, unfortunately, is not unlimited. Some events that previously seemed important are gradually forgotten. To preserve some important memories, people take photos in great abundance, print them and lay them out on old and dusty photo albums.

There is a more interesting way to save memories in the form of photos, namely, to transfer photos to canvas. You can order a print on canvas on the website or Pibuk app. There are many advantages to printing photos on canvas, which will be discussed below.

The main advantage of printing on canvas is the durability of the printed image. With the right combination of canvas and ink, as well as with the availability of high-quality equipment and the right technology, the life of the printed picture will increase significantly.

As you know, the canvas has a natural, slightly rough and embossed texture, which ordinary paper for photographs does not have. It is precise because of this special texture that photographs printed on canvas will resemble paintings painted in oils or acrylics. Printing on canvas will help to turn just a good photo into a real work of art, especially if you want to style a photo as a painting before printing.

It is enough to print a picture printed on a canvas on a frame, insert it into a suitable frame, and hang it on the wall. Images printed on photo paper must be framed carefully, using a baguette and mat, and also protected from above with glass. From here follows one more advantage of the press on a canvas – democratic and pleasant cost.

Large format canvas photo prints will smooth out the flaws of the image, which would be noticeable with conventional printing. These disadvantages include insufficient photo resolution, poorly adjusted shutter speed or aperture, and so on. For this reason, on canvas, you can safely print even the photos that were taken on the phone.

Due to the special texture of the canvas photo prints and the post-printing of the finished picture with a special gel, the pictures on the canvas look much more voluminous compared to the pictures on paper. Besides, the processing of the gel will not only give the image a volume but also make it more artistic, since the textured gel will imitate brush strokes.

The print can be made a real work of art by painting it with a textured transparent gel, which will imitate the brush strokes of the artist. Now you do not have to be a sophisticated collector to decorate your home with beautiful copies of paintings. Reproductions of works of art can be adequately reproduced during printing and post-printing. Thanks to the competent choice and use of canvas, inkjet printers and ink, printed photos step by step turn into bright, vibrant images that can bring their charm through the years.

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