Wedding Photo Book Of Your Dreams

How to create your own unique wedding photo book?

Wedding photo books – this is the main direction of our activity. And we can say our favorite! How much happiness and light these photos radiate! How much hope and love in the eyes of the bride and groom! Just a holiday!

Creating your own wedding photo book is easy. Just write to us! And we will tell you at what points you need to turn your attention first and foremost.

Which photo book to choose?

So, the wedding celebration is behind, in the hands of pictures from the photographer, a whole bunch of photos from friends and relatives, and I want to save all this! How to harmoniously add all this variety to a photo book? First, you will have to decide the type of book. We distinguish them as follows:

– Photobook with a wedding photo session

In Personalized Photo Books, we collect only professional photographs of the photographer. On the pages, there will be only photos of the newlyweds. The peculiarity of this book is that there is one style of pictures on all pages – it turns out very elegant! This is a photo book for the newlyweds themselves, to later admire each other and the heyday of the family!

– Photobook for parents

In this book, photos with parents are added to the photo session of the newlyweds. Dad and mom will be pleased to admire their children in the most vivid and colorful photos. And of course, the joint photos will add warmth to this book.

– Photobook with a wedding celebration

In such a book, photos are collected together with a separate photo shoot of the newlyweds, and from all stages of the wedding celebration. Often, all pictures are taken by one photographer, so the general mood of the photos is maintained throughout the book. This book is then excellent to show all your guests! Universal format!

– Photobook for friends

This book contains the most amusing and unusual photos of the wedding. After all, there is always a lot of funny with walks and a banquet! Collect selfie friends from all over the wedding day, look for photos from the bachelor party and hen party, save pictures from the second day in nature! It all depends on your imagination and originality of friends!

For example, our clients sometimes combine photos from a wedding celebration and honeymoon, and sometimes with the first pictures of a baby! But it is better, of course, to create a unique book for each event, because these are separate unique chapters in life, aren’t they?

Also, for each type of custom photo book has its own format. There is already a technical question – the size of a photo book, the type of pages (hard or soft). This is a matter of taste – some like big, solemn books with huge spreads, some have small, neat little books, and each of them has its own charm.

Wedding photo books are a wonderful gift for your young family! Store your most vivid pictures and emotions in a convenient format!

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