What Makes A Photo Album Different From A Photo Book?

Photos, they help us remember, become a value for every family. This is the thread that connects us with the past and resurrects it. The technology of making photos stepped far forward. In place of the classic photo albums, came real printed photo books.

Speaking of a photo book, you can safely say – this is the most incredible thing that can happen to your photos! And a great alternative to the photo album.

It can be compared with the chronicle of your life in personal design and decoration.

What is a better photo book or album?

For more convincing, let’s consider what is better – a photo album or a photo book. And find the benefits.

The most important difference is that the photos do not need to be put in a special film or pasted on the landscape page. Now they are placed and printed in one solid spread. You can turn on the fantasy and create any photo collage. You can arrange your photo in various styles, giving a unique.

The next difference and advantage is that the photos on the page are placed in any quantity and position. Photo size can also be different.

Unlike classic photo albums, which differed only in the picture on the cover, the personalized photo albums can be given a unique style. Decorate it with frames, add graphics and memorable inscriptions, texts with wishes and descriptions of events. And voila! Now, this is just yours!

Photos are not torn and do not fall out. And the book itself is durable and durable. Even after years, she has a brand new look.

Books are printed on German and Japanese equipment using unique technologies.

Due to the designer bookend, the photobook looks like a full-fledged polygraphic edition.

The photobook is a modern and perfect way to store photos. A variety of styles. Pages can be glossy or matte, as well as Pearl, Silk or metallic in print.

How to make the right choice?

Get ready to face a huge selection of binding materials, ranging from fabric to natural leather of all colors and textures. You can add embossing and engraving. Summing up, we can say that a photo book is:

  • Stylish and exclusive
  • High quality, reliable and durable
  • Any desired format and number of turns
  • Any storyline, individual idea, and inscriptions
  • The perfect gift to your family and friends, which over the years will not lose its relevance
  • Ability to order a duplicate of various sizes for friends and all family members

We will help you find the finished look of your photo idea, print quality and appearance of the finished product will always be top notch. You can order photo books online that are written as follows:

Printing photo book with coated paper. To glue it, a special type of gluing is used. It always remains elastic, preventing the page from falling out.

PolygraphicLayFlat (matte or glossy paper) Due to the lack of page joints, it can be rotated 180 degrees. Perfect for panoramic shots.

Photobook using photo printing. The incredible color rendition of the image due to the photochemical printing method. Spread pages – the same 180 degrees.

At the Pikbuk store any memorable event, be it a birth of a child, graduation, a wedding or a wonderful holiday, becomes a real piece of art.

An additional guarantee of quality is given by the signing of the contract. And at large orders the favorable system of discounts works.

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