Why Do We Needs Photobooks Nowadays?

With the advent of the first mini photo labs, offering cheap printing of small images, and then completely digital photography, the photo imperceptibly began to disappear. The conciseness of the generation of photos and their printout surprisingly led to the fact that photographs are less likely to print. Many store thousands of photos on computers and compact media.

Convenient, easy. But looking through such folders is a grueling business, and often all expensive photos just disappear in the heap of hundreds of others. But once everything was different. Remember how enthusiastically you looked at your grandmother’s photo albums when you were young with neatly glued and often signed photos. These were real books in which there was a soul of transmitted memory.

With experience, we came up with the idea of creating a photo book after each shooting. Photos are great, but they cannot be an end in themselves. The goal should be the emotion you get by looking at them. You can order photo books online easily.

Photobook in this regard is the best filter. It allows you to place accents, to highlight the main thing, to tell some unique story without losing some fine unique facets. We tried different formats for creating photo books.

It is quite another matter: a well-made, in a magnificent cover, a photo book. Costs and efforts to develop such photo books pay off in excess. In general, the important events in life and then remains only a memory captured in photographs. But isn’t that the most important thing? Photobooks have many advantages over all other methods of saving photographic materials. Such photobooks can be printed in specialized companies on a special technique, specialized paper, which allows you to save without a noticeable decrease in their quality to hundreds or more years! So that, as they say, children as a keepsake.

Compare with pictures from the photo studio, which fade after thirty years due to the influence of air and solar vectors! In fact, storing photographs only on digital media is not safe: CDs can no longer be read after a couple of years, and on the PC there are crashes that can inadvertently destroy a sea of valuable information for people- the same family history that is stored in photographs. Whatever the monitor, electronic photo frame, TV panel, on which images are viewed, of such a stunning quality, which gives a professional print, they do not get.

In the end, with this approach, viewing the book, the viewer reads an emotion, rather than a picture, receives maximum pleasure from the photos themselves, and not other distracting elements.

Perhaps over time, we will again change our view on the style of the layout of a photo book, but we are unlikely to give up the very idea of creating it as a result of a photo session. Just because we will not be able to deny ourselves the pleasure of watching how joyfully people unpack their Custom Photo Book and with what children’s delight turn the pages. Starting from the moment when the book falls into the hands of the owner, its value will grow from year to year

It’s not about books and not about photos; it’s always about something much more. Something priceless and elusive.

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