Why People Need Photobooks For Every Event?

Who did not find himself one day wondering what he would do with all his photos, stored in the memory of his computer and his phone? Do not let your memory cliches belong to the past and experience a sad existence shared between the desires to keep the pleasure of turning the pages of a book, and to find a very good photo quality; the personalized photo book is an excellent compromise.

It allows you to give life and to stage your photos through a varied and colorful panel of thematic slideshows. Authentic retrospective, you will enjoy sharing your photo book with your loved ones and leaf through it when nostalgia will hold you.

Take a few minutes to sort through your photos and have fun creating your custom photo work!

Create a photo book is a very simple operation. More complete than a photo print less dated than a photo album. Your personalized photo book is more than a mini-book because it will be a personalized photo collection to your taste. Your memories on matte photo paper or satin paper. Your photo book!

As many opportunities as photo books

The events of life are not lacking to create photo books. To guide you in their personalization, the team of graphic designers Planet Photo creates varied themes (backgrounds, illustrations, pre-filled scenarios) among which you will surely find your happiness!


The birth of a baby is unique. Its development during the first year is dazzling. To remember all these moments of ephemeral life, tell and personalize through a collection of birth photo books, the first moments of the life of your baby, his first smile, his first steps, his first day at school. Once grown, your last of cabbage will take immense pleasure to relive in photos these magic moments.


From the bachelor party to the honeymoon, the opportunities to make souvenir photos are not lacking. To wake up and reveal all the best moments before, during, and after this wonderful day, create your personalized wedding photo books. Your wedding photos deserve the best, and that is why Planet Photo has done everything possible to develop emotional graphic themes, at the height of the event.


Nostalgia for the return of holidays is difficult? Do not wait to sort all your photos and personalize the story of your vacation. Planet Photo offers a range of personalized photo books on the theme of holidays, where funds and illustrations will perfectly show the details of your trip. The game is well worth the effort!


These calendar holidays are often an opportunity to meet to have fun and share intense moments with family. Immortalize the fusional atmosphere of this day by compiling some photos in Personalized Photo Book that you will enjoy browsing in a few years.

An intuitive customization tool to easily create your photo books

Needing no software downloads on your computer, creating your personalized photo book is a breeze. Once your account is created, you use the customization software from your web browser and create your book online, download, and store all your photos. In memory on your account, they are available every time you visit the Pikbuk website. Then, let yourself be guided by our simple and intuitive tool to choose the best layout of your photos and texts.

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